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   Chapter 25 Ravaii legacy 2

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Matilda took me to wherever we were headed to on her bike.

"What you just did was stupid, you Know that?" She ranted like she was my mom then she cooled off.

"How you faring?"

I looked at her through the side mirrors. She was focused on the road.

How dare she ask me that when she knew just the answer!

"Yes! When Legolas is dead."

The bike swerved left sharply almost throwing me out of the bike. My reflexes took over I held on tight to Matilda.

"Where is Orvinus?" Matilda demanded, her bike slowly pulling up to a magnificent mansion.

I touched my pocket to feel the skull as reassurance that it was still there. I was so not giving it to her.

"It's with me. Where it belongs." I got down from the bike first and headed for the house. Beside me was a limousine which the ancient, Meshach had taken. They were inside already. Despite trying to keep my rage intact, I could not help but admire the building structure. The two story building was painted gold that gave it a shout out.

The doors were made of tampered glass and reminded me how stereotypical evil people lived large. The door mirrored my image making me wonder if Legolas had ever looked at a mirror and wonder why he was alive.

Guards were positioned at the door but opened them at Matilda's arrival. I joined her and went in.

I was hit right away by the cold air the air conditioner provided and goosebumps appeared on my skin.

"Are you cold?" Matilda genuinely asked but I shrugged of her attempt of kindness.

" Miss Matilda, the dinner has began." A servant dressed in a white shirt and loose black pants said.

A quick glance at him and I knew he was human. I wasn't aware that some humans knew about the existence of the supernatural.

"Do humans work here?" I asked while trying to catch up to Matilda. We marched to where the dinner was taking place. Around were maids and menservant bustling right and left like it was some auction happening.

"Yes! They've sworn to secrecy." Matilda replied when we finally arrived at the doorway of the dining.

The room was dim. The only lights provided were the candle lighting. The table was big enough to accommodate at least a hundred people and I could tell this was not the first dinner that was thrown in the room. I took my seat next to Matilda and tried looking at my shoes to avoid the watchful eyes of some unfamiliar people who stared at me.

I had no idea, there was going to be much people.

I could see Legolas looking at me the the corner of my eye. He was expressionless but I knew it was a cover he was just putting up. Servants came in to serve. My plate was soo

t again." Meshach said but I was yet to be convinced.

"Why didn't she revoke the curse?"

"Nature wouldn't let her without a costly price. Her life would be on the line. She begged her sister to let her back home but she was refused unless she completed three selfless task. She did and she was given a ticket back home."

The story was bewildering. She caused monsters to roam the earth and she was forgiven. Wow!

Now it was time for the question I wanted to ask from the beginning, "So where do faeborns come from? I mean if faeblood are part fae and humans. What are faeborns?"

Legolas stood still and I was enjoying his discomfort. Matilda would have reacted the same way but she was far to exhausted to even give a expression apart from the tired look she wore on her face.

"Someone's been digging deep into fae history." Meshach complimented.

"Well, Peliel's descendant are faeborns. She was the only Fae stranded on Earth. She fell in love again with another man and had children. After the completion her three good deeds. She ascended however her children were rejected since they still had mortal blood flowing in them. They were known as the Ravaii, ancient Fae language for descendants of nature."

No! Peliel was my ancestor? My breathing quickened and I began to feel light.

"I have to go." I muttered.


Before Meshach could persuade me otherwise, i dashed out. I needed to think. My breath was quickening all the way out and it almost like the world was mocking me.

I fanned a cab and got in. Telling the driver where I was going to. I removed the skull from my pocket and hugged it like it was a teddy bear.

There were many things yet to be known but I was not sure I was willing to know them yet. Yes! Not yet.

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