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The thought of why my mercenary disappeared still lingered in my mind but was almost overwhelmed with why the celestials were here.

The trio of Noble blooded Fae who have not taken a single life and had been personally trained by their ancestors, the faes before they disappeared. I wondered if they knew why they disappeared.

"You need to go." Matilda advised, pushing me gently out of her path.

Her hurried push shoved me to one of the book shelf which acted as my cover. I still watched the elders.

They walked up to Matilda and I watched her bow respectively like a lady from the eighties.

"Glad to see you." Matilda continued being polite, and pretending not to get the hint that the elders didn't give a fuck about her curtsey. They were here for business.

"Where's Legolas?" They dryly asked.

Matilda looked hurt but she quickly masked it and lead them to the secret passage that led to the Academy.

It reminded me I was in enemy territory and o had to leave.

Henry had gone camping with his mother, a house for the weres to let their wolves free and practice for the epic battle that was coming.

The door was opened and since I could smell a little blood, I knew Damian was around.

Damian was sitting down on the couch, the Persian armrest having a different taint of red. His knuckles sore and red with blood.

"What happened?" I gasped.

He stared up and his eyes meet mine, steel blue.

"He's dead."

Who was? The question hit me on replay.

"The vampire you sent after Matilda!" He replied.

My heart stopped. He killed his one kind. A fear I had known suddenly gripped me. It was a tendency Damian had always had.


(Ravenwood 1968)

The vampires were closing in on us.y pen people wanted me dead. They had deceived us and brought us right to Victor. If it was Victor. We could outrun him but not our own kind. I could see them whizzing through the forest as effortlessly as us. An arm grabbed me and jolted me off yet floor. I went flying and only stopping when I hit a tree, cracking a rib.

This made Damian stop. His eyes staring menacingly at the vampire who threw me.

I was still healing from collateral damage so I best stayed still.

Damian raced for the enemy. He did not miss. His extend claws biting deep into his chest as the man gnashed his teeth in pain. Before tte man could retaliate, Damian sinked his fangs into his neck.

"No!" I managed to scream out.

This did not stop Damian. He drank, draining the vampire of his juice, his life force and leaving him cold.

I stared at Damain wondering what he just did. He draine

s man smiled as he tried brushing away the coffee brown stain that was smudged on his shirt when I bumped into him.

The man was dressed in a floral printed Hawaiian shirt and brown Khakis that screamed young at heart and he had funny hair color almost like he bleached them to look way older than his years.

"Who are you my boy?"

"Kali-m Eve-e-rgreen." I stammered trying to find my way out of this conversation.

"Ah! I've heard of your father. How is he?"

Pent up emotions welled up inside me like I was opening a still healing wound.

"He's dead." I swallowed.

The man seemed genuinely sorry and was about to apologize when Matilda interrupted.

"Sorry your lordship, he's not supposed to be here." She said, trying to catch her breath, her makeup was slightly dripping down from her face but it was still enough to make her look pretty.

"Nonsense." The old man said waving her off." Why don't you come to dinner with us ehm...Kalim?"

Matilda's breathing quickened. She stared at me telling me to refuse the old man's generous offer.


"Call me Meshach." The man quickly chipped in.

"Meshach.. I don't think..."

"Nonsense!" The man cut me off."you're coming. You wouldn't want to dishonor an ancient would you?"

My mind reeled. My father had mentioned something about ancients and they were supposedly celestials, higher faebloods. If I gave in to his Invite, I could learn more about my maternal heritage. There were thing that hardly made sense.

"Yes!" I answered.

The old man gave me a wide grin

"Matilda would take you there." The man said and walked away.

I faced a physically and mentally exhausted Matilda and for the first time, I could see the colors. I was going to find truth.

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