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   Chapter 23 Working fiend

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Today I dressed in my Royal regalia. A red blazer hand sewed by the best tailors. It was quite hot so I was glad I wore a white cotton shirt within. My black pant's gator stood erect and with black leader shoes to match. The elders were visiting amd that was a big event. Not for me though, a feeling of unease always came by when they visited. The whole faeblood community seemed to be elated, Sighting an elder was a honor but not for me. They either complained about my ruling or how vampires are affecting the natural order in neighbourhood countries.

"You seem busy." Someone said as I knot my tie.

I naturally thought it was Diana so I brightened up and turned to meet her.

My expression changed when I saw the speaker.


"Yes uncle. Me." Matilda said, ignoring my displeasure in seeing her this early morning.

"Where have you been?" U questioned her, wanting to know the juicy details of the state she saw when she visited the vampires.

"With Damian."

"You mean his body?" I cruelly insinuated.

"They are alive Victor."

Her reply made me burst into a lot of mad laughter, tears almost dropping from my eyes.

"It's okay to grieve niece."

"I'm serious. They are alive."she retorted.

Her steel resolve made me cringe. She did not seem worried one bit.

Oh no!

"It not possible." I stated aloud.

"They are and they are coming for you."

Matilda walked up to me. Her grey Iris filled with nothing but confidence.

"You try hard and you can't seem to get rid of them. Almost like a bad habit you can't seem to get over." She continued.

She was getting to me but I was stronger.

"Even if they rose a thousand times. I will finish the job." I quickly asserted, returning my hold.

Matilda stopped talking. She only stared blankly at me before she strode out. She had changed my mood from sour to bitter and I wasn't willing to let her go Scot free.

"And call Nathan. The elders will be having dinner with us this night perhaps."

I watched her face redden in rage and she rushed out.

Yes! The feeling of satisfaction paying her in her own coin. Nathan was her betrothed from birth and sooner or later she would marry him, even if she didn't love him.

I walked to my king sized mirror, lost in my looks and t

f my kind.

"Hi!" She greeted when she saw me coming.

I didn't play dumb. She was dangerous and I had to play smart.

"Where is he?" I blurted.

She seemed confused.


"Not be naive. Where is the vampire I sent after you. You killed him to cover your tracks." I accused.

Matilda seemed disgruntled.

"Why would you accused me of something like that?" She spat back, her hands letting out pink Sparks.

"Then where is he?"

"I don't know."

I stopped. She did not seem to know anything sincerely.

What was going on‽

"Why don't you trust me?" Matilda finally asked, breaking the definite silence.

"I don't trust anything that has to do with Legolas." I stiffly answered, refusing to taint my words.

"I'm sorry for what happened to your parents."

Her words only made me stiffen. Bringing up my past like it was a game of hers.

Before I could give her a piece of my serpentine tongue. The doors of the library opened and I subconsciously turned to see who it was. Matilda turned her undllluted attention to the men. Three men in total. Who looks like they were in their fifties but I knew they weren't.

Their funny hippie look and weird fashion taste told it all. They all wore matching Hawaiian shirts and short shorts that barred their wrinkled but muscular legs. Their sandals were a bit old and unclean. Moving to their faces, they had heavily bleached hair to cover their true nature.

The three ancients, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.

A trio of the last celestials.

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