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   Chapter 22 Rocky relationship

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I hardly slept at all except when it was desperately needed. Watching outside in the night and expecting something to come. It had been my secret fear since I had been given Avery.

The crystal skull was in a small box I had pulled close to my bosom for safekeeping. With artifact's like this, you can never be too careful.

My mindlink let out a gentle fuzz just as I heard a knock at the back door.

It was Matilda but what was she doing here so late?

I carefully hid the box behind a pillow on the couch and went over to the door.

" You're alright."  She exclaimed and rushed to hug me.

"What's wrong?" I asked, genuinely confused.

"Legolas, he-he said he had killed You, A-very and everyone. I was so scared." She said in a rush of emotion.

"I'm alright. Legolas failed." I gently assured her.

"How?" Matilda asked.

I should have sworn secretly and keep my mouth shut but my thoughts would betray me and I sincerely did not want to lie to her.

"Kalim somehow resurrected them."

She stopped, looking at me like a frozen figure.

"So you all died?"

"Yes!" I lied. Avery's father had sworn me to secretly and I would carry that secret to my grave.

"So why did Legolas tell you that?" That question had slightly bothered me.

"He just did."

Bless the mindlink! My mindlink detected a lie and even she knew she had been caught. She suddenly burst in tears, her ears and cheeks rouge.

"I'm so sorry."

I paused, scanning her mind for answers. When we found it, I wished I didn't probe.

"Legolas is your uncle." I bellowed, finding it impossible to even believe it.

"Yes!" She admitted, pushing away her pink tendrils of hair that went to close to her face.

"I'm sorry I lied." She begged me, reaching her wet hands to hold mine for comfort."I just don't want him to die. I know he's done terrible thing but please, i beg of you, Don't hurt him! He's the only family I have left."

I reached my hands over to her shoulder and looked into her dull grey eyes.

"It's alright."

"Promise me!" She retorted.

"I do." I replied.

It was only then I knew how stupid you could be when in love. It was a promise i could not keep. Not with a vengeful faeblood and mad werewolf and Avery.


Success smelled good on me, o had to admit. After all those years of sleepless nights. I had finally gotten rid.d of the roadblock that stood in the way of the

as reign of terror and I didn't need to peep into people mind to know that we wanted him dead. Like butchered like an animal.

The hesitation was growing into uncertainty.

"We have a deal." I rushed to say before someone said something entirely different.

Damian looked at me like he hardly believed I of all people would agree on such terms. He was probing my mind but I had perfectly kept it empty.

"It's worth to have a spy on the inside to help us. It will make the whole process easier." I stated to the judas'.

"I need to get some air..alone." I said and walked outside to the still chilly varandah. The wine bottle Henry and I had last night was disposed on the floor and i ran my fingers on it.

"Avery?" A voice jolted me from my thoughts.

I turned to see Damian, he was putting his hands in his Jean pocket and had a timid look on.

"Sorry." He said.

I played dumb.

"For what?"

"Yelling at you." He sighed.

"It alright. I was being unreasonable."

"That great my princess." Damian said smiling.

"I don't need saving." I retorted

"You do." He stated.

He joined me to sit on the porch.

"It going to be alright. I trust her."

I gave him a reassured smile. My mind was working anticlockwise. Matilda was still a threat of she switched sides and as the Shepherd of my flock, I had something to do about that even if if he meant her death, Damian would just have to forgive me.

The thoughts that crossed my mind were cruel but deep down, my monsters wanted that. I could feel my eyes burn up and my fang pierce my lips drawing blood.

Matilda dared not betray me!

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