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   Chapter 21 We hurt too

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"What is he doing?" Henry repeated as we watched Kalim try to awaken his father.

I knew he was not coming back. When I had died, I felt like I was coming back, I actually saw my father.

His height, smile and allure could not be mistaken. I could hardly remember what he told me but I was certain i saw him. The only word I could hear him say was Orvinus.

My gaze went to the crystal skull Kalim was trying desperately to tap into and failing.

"Do you think he can bring him back?" Henry asked me.

Kalim was within earshot and I was sure he would hear. It would break his heart to hear what I was about to say but the truth was better.

"Fae's never die but they follow the cycle of nature, the same with trolls. A time to love and a time to die. His physical body is gone but his soul remains."

Kalim's sudden pause was a sure sign he heard me but he continued, the Sparks on his fingers vitalizing the tree that now stood in their living room like it had been there for like forever.

Henry walked up to Kalim as a concerned friend.

"Kalim! You have to stop!" He said on a firm voice.

The latter turned, his eyes glinted with fury. I sensed it but was too late to stop it. A round ball of light sent Henry flying.

"WTF!" Henry snarled, his eyes turning yellow.

If I did not stop this, a fight was going to happen.

"Stop it! Both of you!" I screamed.

"We should focus that boiling hatred on Legolas. He is the only reason all of this happened."

They both cooled off and I turned to personal talk to Kalim.

"I know how you feel Kalim, I've lost a lot of people but you have to bounce back from the pain. You can't stop being you."

I slowly watched Kalim curl up and bury his face on his hands. I could make out almost quiet sobbing but I let him be. When grieving, one had to let it out, Everything.

I made myself comfortable while Henry and I got talking.

"How's it like coming back from the dead?" Henry inquired, his lips puckered.

"Weird!"I admitted, "I don't know why but o feel like it was meant to happen. Like something had been deposited in the skull just for us."

Henry paused, almost like he was considering what I felt.

"Now that you mention it, I...think i-i met my father."

What he said grabbed my attention. I felt the same way.

"Me too. Do you remember what he said?" I inquired, hoping he had an idea.

"Destroy... Something. I don't remember."

"Avery!" My mind link antenna went on high alert. I had tot

e a weak smile but that was far from enough to keep me off her back.

"Nothing just tired."

I could tell she was lying. Did vampires get tired? I hardly knew but this was for sure a lie.

"Well it wouldn't be nice for me to probe your mind so why don't you just tell me." I said whilst filling to glass with red wine.

"I don't know." She sighed, "I've just been thinking. If the seer knew what would happen this day, then he must have known the smell fate awaited my father. Maybe my father even knew?"

"Well, he'd been living for centuries. Even immortals get tired of life don't they?" I joked, hoping to lighten her mood.

It worked and I witnessed her cheeks flush in color.

"Not with you around." Avery revealed, her cheeks turning red. She grabbed a glass from me and gulped it down, smacking her lips when she was done.

"What's that supposed to mean? I make thing interesting?" I blushed slightly.

Avert didn't comment, she just stared into my eyes. Maybe it was the wine but I felt like i was meant to do something. It was funny when I leaned in and Before she could withdraw, my arms were around her, tight and not letting go of her. I felt a surging tide of warmth that me wanting more when we locked arms.

I bent back her head across my arm and kissed her, softly at first, and then with a swift gradation of intensity that made her cling to me as the only solid thing she could hold on to for unfailing support. My  insistent tongue began parting her shaking lips, sending wild tremors along her nerves, evoking from her sensations I knew she had never known she was capable of feeling and.. she did it back. She returned the kiss.

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