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   Chapter 20 What is orvinus

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Using the mindlink, I pinpointed Henry nearby but each step in took to where he was brought dread upon me. This was the same place Victor had trapped me in. My senses heightened as I began to smell something fishy. If Henry was here, then it was definitely Legolas' doing.

I used my surrounding as a camouflage, using the shrubs and high grass to my advantage. I stopped when an exotic black car pulled up. The glass were to dark to figure out who was inside.l so o used my vampiric sight. I froze. There were three individuals in the car. Two occupying the front seats and one in the back. The driver I could make out clearly, Victor.

They seemed to be waiting for something to happen or for someone to show up. I wished I could charge right at their car and kill them off but that was a death wish. I was paralysed with fear knowing he had more men to his disposal. It was frustrating that despite unlocking my pureblood gifts, I was still almost like the former me.

I heard a clicking sound that brought me back to reality. Victor and Legolas wee out of the car, their swords hanging loosely on their hips. The third person was a lady, she looked a bit scrawny, with a round face covered dutifully in makeup. Beneath the facade of cosmetic beauty, I could see it and clearly if I just squinted my eyes a bit. She was a dark witch.

God! Why now?

Like something out of a horror movie, I heard a growl behind me.

I turned to where the sound was coming from expertly, hardly making a sound. It was Henry all right! His wolf had taken over and he was just a few metres away from me. Judging by the angle he was, he was going to trample right on me.

What was the worst that could happen?

Henry immediately charged, his muscle filled legs pushing him forward in a mad Sprint.

When he was only an inch close away from slamming his paws bright for my face, I ducked.

It was inevitable but I had done it. I was right in the open. I could see the look of shock on my enemies faces. It turned to a devious smile almost immediately making me shudder.

"Look what we have here." Legolas spoke."We came for the big bad wolf but red Riding Hood showed up. Who would have taught I would kill two birds with a stone."

His confident smile and vile words were breaking my defenses but I would not let them win or feel that they had.

The trio unsheathed their swords, a warm hie of gold and red illuminating their cruel faces.

I let my monster out, fangs and claws and got ready for a

the crystal skull which glowed in response.

"Let's hope they will heed our warning." The golden eyes fairy finally said.


Knowledge flowed inside me whispering to me in a thousand tongues. I walked ip to Henry first. The alluring power flowing through my veins nd letting out bright white Sparks that let my hands tingle. I put it on Henry's open wound and watched the spark revive him. First his wound began to close up then his colour returned. I watched as his chest rose and fell and he slowly started to breathe. His eyes suddenly shot open and he let out a heavy breath.

Still dazed at what had happened, I walked up to Avery and pulled out the sword from her chest and threw it to the floor. Still empowered by the strange energy the skull had blessed on me. I used my Vita on her. Like Avery, her wounds closed up. Her irises glowed cherry red when she opened them and she immediately rise to her feet. She seemed haphazard and checked her leg for something.

"You healed my bite. How?"

The answer rested on my tongue but it was obvious it was the skull.

"Orvinus!" I replied, showing her the small skull.

She reached out for the skull and turned to a naked Henry, "You found it."

With this power I felt in me  I wondered if I could wake my father. I did break the natural laws and with no consequences.

"Legolas is going down." Avery smiled malevolently, her eyes glued to the crystal figurine.

Bummer! I thought the same but with more sinister motive.

"I have an idea." I revealed, my face lit in a mischief.

They both turned to meet my gaze wanting me to continue.

Legolas was in for it and I was going to make sure of it.

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