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   Chapter 19 Aftermath

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The door out was blocked by Henry's mother now in her wolf form. A huge fur ball of gold brown with equally brown eyes. Her stance probed she was going to leap at me at any second and don't get me wrong, I would have attacked her to protect my life but I feared hurting her. Whatever was happening now was not her fault or their fault. The twins were silverbacks possessing steely grey fur and bright blue irises. Their snarls sending shivers down my spine.

Taking a literal leap of faith, I charged for the door. I immediately felt a heating sensation on my leg and looked to see a scratch.

It wasn't healing but that was the least of my concerns. I kicked the grey creature that inflicted me with such pain, sending it whimpering away.

The other grey wolf came for me and I used all of my effort to toss it off me. It went flying across the room breaking something but I had finally gotten hold of the doorknob, i was hit with the fact that I dared not escape. There were humans around and sighting three gigantic wolf like creatures would spawn news and conspiracy. I had to stay.

"Damian, I need help." I sent.

"I'm almost home hon. What do you need?"

"I think you should come first." I answered, dodging a clawing.

The door knob began to rattle and I knew Damian was around. I quickly unlocked the door and let him in before locking the door shut once again.

Pink cream from plastic containers splattered on the floor. Damian had dropped whatever he was holding. My nostrils caught the strawberry flavoring.

Ice cream!

"What happened?" Damian questioned, his hands clenching to a fist in a bid to defend himself.

"I don't know but the starnge weather has to have something to do with it." I replied, sure of my theory.

"Legolas!" Damian snarled, his eyes illuminated.

We had to have a plan. Whatever tye blue moon was doing to them, it seemed to even make them more stronger and brawl couldn't solve it.

"We need a plan Damian." I roared.

An idea seemed to strike his mind as his face lit, his eyes still wary of the shifters though.

"Somewhere where light cannot penetrate. If the moon is what is causing this then..."

"They have to get as far away from it." I completed.

The basement was the only place that had not a light to call it's. I feared going down there at times.

"Let's do it."

I raced immediately to the door that led down to the basement, Damian right in front of me. The wolves followed, their instinct taking the better of them. The brown wolf jumped on me before I could even down the stairs leading down. It's fang sent a warm the burning sensation in my skin and it slowly seeped into my bloodstream. I knocked her off cursing and watched blood drip from my lower thigh, my Jean ruined. I didn't dwell on that and continued running down the stairs and away from the moonlight.

We finally got down and Damian jumped back up the stairs with inhuman agility and slammed the door shut.

A huge wail erupted from tye ball of furs and I watched all three of them wriggle on the floor and begin a painful transformation back to their human form. Soon they were human but naked. The twin's schlong hung like a Bell clappers.o squinted my eyes regretting I looked. Damian helped the awkward suituation by distributing blankets which were in storage. When the nak

"I love you."

I wanted to repeat the words he sang to my ears when he suddenly felt heavier and annealed.

Was he? No!

"Dad!? I Love you. Answer me!"

There was no response. Only silence and the tapping of water from a leaking. The world seemed to stop.

He was dead! The mere mention of those words made my head's spin and gave my stomach a fuzzy feeling.

I still held on to his lifeless body. My eyes blinded with hot tears. The monster who did this approached me, the string in hand and he was only a hair length away from me. He raised the needle like a mad doctor about to give his patient his medicine with a double dose of pain.

My eyes felt warm almost immediately and his muffled gasp informed me something was happening. I stopped the "medicine" before it could even punch my skin and countered the attack driving it into his neck. He let out a scream and I watched in pleasure  as he slowly began to deteriorate. His skin drying out. He fell to the floor shaking violently and coughing out a foamy white substance before jerking to a halt, dead.

The others wasted no time in pointing their weapons at me, battle ready.

I coul feel energy. Their own energy. I needed it to fill up this emptiness that now resided in me. I stretched my hands towards them before they could even move a muscle and bright green Sparks flew right at them, engulfing them.

Their wails filled my ear. Cries for help and cries of pain. When I was done. They were nothing but bone. O fell to the floor right next to where my father was and begged whatever force there was to revive him. The answer was obvious, he was not coming back. A shoot was already growing right on his nose. That was not all. Roots began to shoot out from his body and into the floor, shattering whatever stood on its way and the earth. Rumbling occurred and I moved a step back watching the transformation.

My father was gone. What stood on his stead was a sturdy oak tree. I pressed my palms on the hard bark and whispered, "I love you father."

Legolas had messed with the wrong person. I wanted him dead before but death was a sweet way out for the monster. He was going to pay for everything he made my family endure and that was a vow.

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