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   Chapter 18 Once a blue moon

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The book was found. Something about the Fable of nature blessed. We scanned through, quick like we were being chased. The faster, the better. The texts were a bit to ancient for my reading so Kalim's father did the reading. I was as useless as my betas who decided to do some socializing. We were social animals after all.

"Only a Ravaii can call it home." He read.

So somehow Kalim can summon it?" I asked, figuring that was the reason for his hyped abilities.

"I don't think so." He replied, stroking his chin."perhaps he can learn the location."

His hands pointed to a part u couldn't even interpret but he was a darling to.

" It would call to him and he would heed the call."

My mind reeled. Did that mean that the "Orvinus" was somehow alive?

"What does it mean call?" I inquired.

"I don't know."

"Can I help you?"  A feminine voice asked and I turned to meet a woman with dyed hair. The pink looked a bit too overdone.

"Hello Matilda." Henry's father aknowledged.

I gave a nod to acknowledge her presence.

"We're just doing some research." Kalim's father added.

"I don't think you should be looking for says something about freeing a great evil."

"That just a myth to keep it away from the wrong hands." I stiffened, my eyes feeling warm. Her wide open eyes informed me that they looked far from normal.

"Well if you want to know where it was last, i can help." Matilda offered, totally ignoring my presence and turning to Kalim's father.

"That would be great Matilda."

She was trying to help but I had an off feeling about her. She just seemed to helpful and moreover she had been doing her research. Why? To find it and take it? She could be working for the enemy.

Matilda showed us an old photo. It was taken in  the late nineties as it was white and black bit we saw what we needed to see. A  young woman holding an almost transparent skull like it was a smile and giving the camera a huge smile.

"The problem is, the woman is dead and tracking for her relative and asking them about a crystal skull is not an option." Matilda revealed.

I raised an eyebrow.

"So why were you researching on it anyways?"

"I felt the need to keep a destructive artifact like that safe..."

"And it would have been close to Legolas, Pretty safe." I cut in.

Kalim's Dad looked at me disapprovingly but didn't make a comment. He only thanked Matilda profusely and took a shot of the woman promising to try and learn more. I didn't bother doing the same because I knew who the woman was. She was Cheryl's mother, her late mother and that could only be that it was in the possession of Cheryl.

The bad vibes I felt didn't allow me to reveal what I knew but I was going to do it and alone. I instructed my betas to hang around and return home as I had important business.

Cheryl lost her mom to an autocrash whilst returning  to Athenrim. Cheryl was only a scrawny teenager then. Till now, even the mere mention of her mother's name broke her to tears. It was

was taking Henry so long. He was not responding to my mindlink or my text. It was just 12:01. It was noon but the sky was beginning to darken almost like it was going to pour rain and dogs. I had returned to our house by daybreak and had been expecting Henry's return like a doteful wife.

"Sit down Honey, Our alpha can take care of himself." His mother commented, enjoying the gust that blew in thanks to the odd change of weather. Two teenagers I hardly recognized were conversing. I did not know who they were but I could tell they were fellow werewolves.

"Avery!" Henry finally contacted me through the link.

"Where are you?" I queried. His tone and train of thoughts were worrying so I asked.

"What's wrong?"

An awkward pause followed and I could feel his mind go static. It made my undead heart leap

"Call my mother." Henry requested.

I turned to her.

"I think Henry wants to speak with you."

The poor lady rushed to meet me, Wondering what in the world was wrong.

"What's wrong Child?" She asked and I queried Henry.

"I feel I'm losing touch with reality."

I relayed what he said to his mother and lines of worry filled her face. Something was wrong and it got my mind reeling. Could it be the skull? Almost immediately, the sky darkened and the moon came into view. It light illuminating the windows in a warm blue glow.

Henry's mother and the twin wolves walked over to the moonlight as if by instinct.

"Oh no!"  Henry's mother groaned. She seemed to be apprehensive about something. whatever she was worked up about, Henry felt it too. Soon all I could get from Henry was agonizing screams and growls.

"Avery run!"  Henry's mother commanded.

Before I could make out what she meant, three feral wolves towered upon me, deadly intent written in black ink in their soulless eyes.

A gut feeling told me it was the strange moon that caused it. A blue moon in the afternoon. What are the odds? This was definitely Legolas but before anything I had to escape...

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