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   Chapter 17 Vitality and power

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"Can't we just request the help of the faebloods?" I asked Damian while sending a text to Henry.

"You seem to forget we are now more than enemies."

I rolled my eyes.

"Not all of them!" I retorted, giving Damian a sheepish grin.

"What do you mean?" Damian queried, slowing down the car as we approached an abandoned house.

"Matilda." I was blunt, it wasn't like he did not know what I was talking about. He could read me like a book.

"How did she even cross your mind?"

"You've been thinking about her for six minute straight." I admitted.

We got out of the car and grabbed our stuffs, nothing much. The area seemed desolate like no one was around but I knew better than that. I could see people peeking from other houses to see what their new neighbors looked like. We were far from that though, we would be out of their hair by three o'clock, the next day.

"So about what we were saying earlier?" I said getting Damian's attention. He was busy inflating a couch.

"Matilda and I... We are not really that close."

"Really, I remember you two locking lips before." I teased and watched Damian choke on his words.

Having inflated the couch, Damian sat on it.

"Avery, " he began and I was beginning to feel a  peptalk coming on." She's in the enemy zone right now and I don't think it's right to tell her about an object of immense power when it could as well threaten our existence.

I made a face.

"I'm a Shepherd for crying out loud. When will I get the opportunity to make a decision.?"

When you grow up and make the right choices I guess." Damian said with the intent to provoke me.

"Oh! And you make right choices Mr Adult." I said raising my hands in a mock surrender.

"I will find it Damian. Legolas won't know what hit him."

"How?" Damian queried, filling a plastic flute with blood. Seeing him satisfy his thirst made me hungry. I joined him in the couch and poured myself some of the rejuvenating fluid.


"And how does he fit to all this?"

Damian drained his cup and filled more into his cup.

"Henry just sent me some news about Kalim.""He attempted suicide and he didn't die... He healed."

"What!" Damian was in shock. He should be. Faebloods might be part Fae but they lacked the ability to use their Vita to heal. They died like regulars if they had deadly mortal injuries.

"You don't mean he's faeborn?"

Taking a huge swing of my drink, I answered,

cret and what better way to thank her for keeping our dark pact than humouring her. Moreover, she had been more than helpful most times.

"I just wish I could bring them out all at once." I complained.

Diana moved closer to me putting her soft pale hands on my shoulder and gently gliding it down in a seductive manner. This only made Victor cringe more.

"Maybe there is a way." Diana revealed gaining my attention and love.

"I'll be going now." Victor stated, making an atttempt to leave us be.

"Don't go Victor." Diana pleaded, " this requires all of us."

"So what the plan Diana?" I inquired.

"The blue moon." She replied.

It slowly came to me. The claiming.

However there was still a problem, the blue moon was not coming anytime soon following the lunar cycle.


Diana  seemed to have read my mind as she quickly cut in.

"We'll make a quick visit to the weather maker..."

"Do you suggest we disrupt the natural order?" Victor objected, out of spite rather than concern.

"No! I'm saying we make history."  She interjected.

"The weathermaker sees all as beneath him moreover he is the only true immortal." Victor said, with just as much venom.

Their bickering was becoming of slight worry but I could only watch.

"Ae you with us Victor?" I asked knowing he could never reject me.

"Of course Legolas but we have no Ransom." Victor replied

"Maybe we do." Diana revealed.

I needed a wise woman like this in my life. Someone that would always give me a plan B.

"Then let go." I decided With hopes that I would succeed. This was not for me alone. This was for our kind.

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