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   Chapter 16 Damn doom

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"Mom! Did you hear that?" I asked still dazzled by the fact I heard a call or maybe it was just an echo.

"They're down there. We can get to them."

My mom thought otherwise. She believed the werewolf would come to us so we waited.

The shrubs behind us began to rattle and we turned clockwise to see what was coming.

It was dark but I could make out eyes, bright yellow eyes and it wasn't one. It was two. Two boys probably in their early teenage years came out from the shadows. They were actually twins, identical twins.

They both wore armless tops that looked a bit dismantled and dirty blue jeans which I could tell were not produced that way.

My mother nudged me to spark since the only thing that transpired between us was an awkward glare and silence. It was a whole new experience for me and it was not like I was going to just put an air of superiority and make them mine. My wolf wanted to though.

"Hi..." I tried, mustering a deep voice.

"Alpha.", Was what they whispered to themselves.

Honestly, I was beginning to see them as rabid beast who had lost contact with their humanity. Their eyes still glowed golden yellow.

"Why did you call us?" One demanded.

My wolf begged for release but I was good at keeping it locked inside me. Whatever it was going to do was going to ruin whatever my mother planned. Plus, i didn't know what to say. I thought it would be easy but it turned out it was a bit difficult. My mother refused to interfere and it was surely one of her "take hold of who you are" antics. It then occured to me that we had something in common. They looked disheveled and hunted. It had to be because they were afraid. What could they be afraid of?

"I've come to ask for your help in defeating a threat that ruined our lives."

"What threat?" They questioned in unison.


Their eyes grew pale and it returned to their normal hue.

"You want to go against the man that almost exterminated us... Why? He'll end us...Finish the job he started."

Where did the mysterious chums go?

"Don't you want revenge?" I demanded, shocked that I could even cut two strangers who's capability I knew nothing of.

"My father was killed by the same man and when i found out recently. All I had was the burning desire to end him. I am not an hyena who scavenges and runs. I am a wolf, an Apex predator and I don't run."

My peptalk even motivated me myself. It wasn't me doing the talking. It was the monster that resided with

pity him. He had lost someone once and he was about to lose someone again, me.

Without hesitation, I jumped down. The impact of the earth was unimaginable. I felt my skull crack on impact and I felt numb. The whole world was closing on me.

I was going to her anyways, i said, encouraging myself as I breathed my last.


Damian was packing some clothes. We had decided that although we were safe at daytime inbour house. It was another story at night. The faebloods were planning something huge at least their evil king was.

Grabbing a few things and throwing them into my backpack,. I took notice of my father's journal. I took it by intuition and ran my hands through the pages. I stopped at the page where a drawing was made. My Dad was a detailed artist and I could make out it was a glass skull. It was interesting and I read through.

"The pandora skull. An artifact of immense power believed to be able to amplify supernaturals."

I stopped reading immediately.

"Damian, you have to see this."

Damian stopped folding his clothes and came to meet me. I stretched the book for him to see.

"It is said to apply supernaturals abilities." I said enthusiastically.

Damian shook his head.

"Your father tried to find it. It was renamed-hmm- Orvinus."

" Why didn't he find it?" I queried.

"He learned it was in the possession of the fae's, well before they disappeared."

"So it could still be here?"


Damian got back to packing. I couldn't concentrate. The skull was perfectly envisioned in my mind. If we could find the skull, it might just be enough to end Legolas and his reign of terror.


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