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   Chapter 14 The road to fate

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I went right to his father, my hands clenched in a fit of rage.

"Why are these pages torn out Dad?" I queried.

My father was on a sofa reading the newspaper. He slowly raised his eyes to meet mine.

"What are you doing with the chronicle?"

Damn! He was evasive.

"Whatever you're hiding Dad, I'm going to find it." I revealed.

"We'll see about that."

Gid! He didn't even deny it or give me a terrible lie. I was expecting that... Definately not this. This was mockery. I had no idea or was there a way?

I opened the chronicle and my attention went at My father's Dad. He lived at the woodlands for as long as I could remember and I had only visited him or twice. Staring at the old man giving a beautiful smile in tge picture, I knew he was my answer. He would have to know something.

"I'm going out." I informed my father, still enraged at his antics to keep a part of me away from me.

"Where to?"

I ignored his question and walked out on him. Packing up a raincoat that lay on the rack, i disappeared to the darkness. There was a thunderstorm and I thanked thebheavens i had carried a raincoat. It was soon going to rain cat and dogs. The air got chilly when I reached the woods relying on my acake memory of the route to my grandfather's house. It wasn't long before I found it. Pa was sitting on a rocking chair and mumbling a random song from the eighties.

"Who am I to disagree..." He paused when he heard footsteps.

"Who's there?" He asked, looking at me with squinted eyes.

"Kalim. Your grandson." I stated.

His worried look lightened immediately and he boomed, "Kalim my boy! Come over and greet papa. "

The rain had started earlier than I anticipated and Pa led me to his cottage. The decor was perfect although the air was a bit choking. He had bear skin that adorned his cream painted walls and added an ancient look to it. The chairs were wooden and one already had a mushroom sprouting out. The cottage only had a window which was opened wide time let in some light. The fireplace glowed orange and a warmtg filled the room. Pa offered me a seat and some coffee which i rejected.

"So why are you here m' boy?" He inquired while sipping the dark liquid.

"I was just wondering if you know anything about my mother's line. Her family perhaps?"

The old man finished his drink in one swing before speaking, "So your father has finally told you what happened to her?"

My dad had not told me anything but of he believed it then Hell yeah. I couldn't believe the answer was about to pour into my ears and from the most unlikely source.

"Your mother's family were known as the 'Ravaii'."

I got it. I finally got my answer.


"Oh please, call me Legolas." The faeblood king insisted.

"Okay." I answered sheepishly. I wondered why he had told me to come alone. Not that I cared much. I was too desperate to sig

we were doomed. I begged my totally unreliable powers to at least work but I could hardly concentrate due to the wound I had sustained. It was still not healing and I suspected it was the drug.

The doors swung open and we were met by several glowing swords. The faebloods immediately charged for the beast that wanted Legolas dead.

"Henry, let's get out of here." I sent.

All I could sense was rage, an animalistic one. He was not going to listen. A tranquilizer darted right at me and I screamed. With my weary eyes, I saw another dart for Henry. He caught it midair and disposed it like they were toothpicks. Darkness slowly took hold of me and all I could picture was Henry and I, our destruction.

My eyes flustered open. I was being jolted. I could see the dark orange sky. The sun was setting but it was moving or rather I was moving. I tilted my neck to see myself in Henry's arms. Somehow we had escaped but from the look of things, we weren't safe.


I was doomed. The werewolf had escaped along with the pureblood. The words of the seer hit my head on replay and I began to fear for myself.

Surrounding myself with those who knew my conspiracy. We talked on how we could stop the revolution before it could be born. Deep inside, I knew it was me who even paved way for the revolt. The saying one often meets destiny on the road to avoid it was damn true.

I was not one to admit the cruel truth but this was plain clear.

The werewolf whose kind i almost made extinct. The faeblood whose mother i killed before she could birth him and Avery whom I have tormented for centuries. This was reckoning.

Diana, my bride put an arm of my shoulder to relax me.

"We've done it before. We can do it again." She said, relaxing me.

I turned to meet Victor who sat at the corner quite jealous of Diana's touching me.

She was right though. I had done it before and nothing was stopping me now.

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