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   Chapter 13 Trust issues

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The sun was the only thing that roused me. The air around me was moist but hot. Feeling and smelling earth, it occurred to me where I was.

Damn! I was buried. I used whatever strength I had left to pull myself out. I dusted off the wet dirt from my face.

I couldn't believe I was reincarnated but if it worked that means my theory was right. Legolas would be filled with dread if he knew. I doubted I should tell him anything since he wanted me dead are all cost. It was a wonder I still cared about him. I wished I could go to the palace and tell Legolas tge latest development but I would have been long dead before then. Legolas always cut loose ends and unfortunately I was one.

I walked down with the mundanes trying to find a telephone booth and I did. The red telephone booth was right around the corner.

As I walked to the booth, I could see prying eyes following my every move. It was a strange occurrence that I had blood on my clothes or that I was dirty from head down. I ignored their poke-nosing and entered the booth. I had no coins but in a place where coins were always used, coins were bound to be wedged somewhere. It didn't take minutes before I found a penny and threw it into the slot. I ran my finger over the push buttons hitting them hard.The line finally rang.


"It's Victor."

A pause followed and God! I could feel his bewilderment.

"How are you still alive?" He queried, hurting my feelings. Why would he wish me dead?

"We need to talk."

" It's not possible." Legolas resisted.

"It's about the prophesy."

Another pause followed and it made me smile knowing he was reconsidering.

"What about it?"

"It's coming to fufillment."

I heard curse words then Legolas was restored to his calm state.

"Where do we meet?" He asked.

"The lake." I replied.


The line went static and I placed it back to it's cradle.

Legolas was already at the lake. T

His jet black hair was tossed around by the wind, making him look more desirable. Damn! Too bad he wasn't wearing his crown.

"So about the prophesy, what do you know?" He asked, going straight to his purpose of visit.

"No beating around the bush." I joked.

His crooked face met mine. He had slash on the right side of his face which ran from his forehead down to his cheekbone. The reward from glorious battle.

"I haven't come here to joke." He stiffened.

I remembered there was a time we used to joke. What changed?

"Ok!" I replied with a heavy sigh.

"Avery is now a Shepherd which means she has fully accepted her curse as a pureblood."

" I know. She is the only threat and now the elders want me to sign a treaty with her herd to end the war." He cut in.

"I wasn't done." I retorted. He glanced briefly at me then he conceded that i continued.

"The Evergreen son is a faeborn."

For what felt like a millennium, Legolas did not respond plus his expression was unreadable then he suddenly burst into a laugh. It was hollow.

"If you don't believe me, I'll prove it."

"We'll be waiting."

Avery and I really bonded when we were kidnapped, she was changing but it wasn't only her. The beast inside me was also changing me.


"What was mother like?" I asked my father.

He looked at me strangely before talking.

"You've never asked me that before. Is anything wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong." I lied.

The truth was I had been contacted by the faebloods to join a school for gifted faebloods. To enter, I had to know the lines I descended from. I never knew my mother's line and I had never even asked if she had surviving relatives.

"She was a puddledblood. More human than fae."

Bummer! Just when I thought I could finally join the academy.

"What line?" I inquired.

My father's sudden pause reminded me he was a bad lair. He was probably concocting a new lie.

"Dad, the truth!" I begged.

" Farsack."

It was a funny name but I was sure going to look it up. I had taken the family Chronicles. It would have some truth there if he was lying.

"Thanks Dad." I responded.

I then let out an exaggerated yawn to announce to my father I was going to sleep.

"Goodnight Dad."

"Goodnight son."

The Chronicles was an old leather bound book. It was supposed to contain the creature my family had encountered or slayed.

I scrolled through the edgy pages searching frantically for what I wanted and occasionally getting engrossed in the slaying of demons and even Sirens.

I finally got to my family tree. The first tree was from my father's line. His father was the only faeblood alive in that line. Faebloods were not immortal but we were resistant to illness and aged slower. The last page was supposed to contain my mother's line. I was angsty with anticipation as I flipped the page over. It was torn out.

I knew it. My father was keeping something and if he could go through any length to keep it from me. It must be a big deal, I had to find out what his big secret was.

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