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   Chapter 12 Alphas

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"What are you doing?" Matilda asked, dodging a tree branch on the path.

"I'm trying to contact Avery."

She turned briefly to meet my gaze. The seconds were gold and I wished I could stop time for it to remain that way.

"You're bonded with her too." She said.

She had a lot to learn about our psychic bond. Ours was eternal even in death.

"Yes." I replied.

A loud explosion shaked the forest suddenly and judging from the golden glow that I could see from a distance, I could tell it was Avery. She had shown us their location.

"Go over there." I nudged Matilda.

She sent me a "I know" look and turned in that direction. The others followed suit and we were getting closer to Avery. The mindlink was getting stronger.

The blood moon wss now in it's full intensity and I prayed to whatever god there was that Avery was not dead.

We reacher a clearing and I sighted vampires. They didn't look friendly and they were here to stall is for Victor to finish the job.

The faebloods wasted no time in drawing their weapons. A hue of several colours glinting in their eyes. I let out a low growl as I channelled my beast.

My fangs extended and my eyesight became more clear.


The battle was fierce but the amateur vampires were no match for the faebloods. I noticed Matilda was the fiercest of them all. To top that, she was throwing...fireballs. it was a first sight for me. Faebloods were part fae, part human and could not channel their full potentials. Her eyes were filled with bloodlust which each strike she threw at the opponents. Reaching to her mind, all I could feel was pure rage.

I had no time to dabble on why my soulmate was a killer machine. My duty was to maneuver when the faebloods distracted the vampires and find Avery or Henry.

I ran for a cabin. I cautiously reached out for the door which creaked as it opened. My enhanced senses could detect serious heart pounding and muffled breathing. It was definitely Henry.

He relaxed when he saw it was me. Avery wasn't present and it worried me more. I reached out for Henry's gag and ripped it off.

"Where's Avery?"

"They took-her-i-i don't kno-ow where."

Fuck! I cursed and glanced around.

The room was marked. Werewolf ran extinct a long time ago but seeing the pack symbol reminded me how much a risk Avery was in presently. Victor was the one who orchestrated the virus that wiped half of the shifters population.

I freed Henry from his ropes and warned him to remain in the cabin but I knew fully well he was going to disobey me. The kids of the twenty first century didn't know rules.

It was foolish the vampires thought their link with Avery could be severed on the blood moon. It even intensified on this very night. After all, it was the night they were cursed. Once the sword went into Avery's heart, they would all fall.


Victor was the first to rise and walk up to me. The red moon cast a crimson red light over him giving him a more sinister look. The sword cast a wicked glow similar to the

way. He went right through my sword. He looked at my eyes in shock as he fell to the ground putting his mouth as he breathe his last. The hands slowly removed and I could meet his smile. It was psychotic. He actually looked like the joker thanks to his bloody mouth.

What was going to happen now?

The elderly ones moved in to discuss with Avery and I could make out that they wanted a truce. My mind was only on Henry, my best friend. I blamed myself. I blamed Avery. He was too fragile for this world. My father joined me.

"What am I going to tell his mom?" I wondered.

My father paused then spoke, effortless coating his words.

" She will have to forgive him. The cleaners will do that."

I let out a heavy sigh having to imagine that Henry's mom would be living in a lie soon. I had one last thing to do however, I would bury him.


I hoped what the seer said was true. I had kept my eyes closed and watched him put himself in constant trouble numerous times. I walked up to the exact spot the seer said he would be.

Armed with a shovel, I started digging. When I was deep enough. I started using my hands. My wolf yearned to be released on this blessed night but that was a risk I was not willing to take. I felt the body and I dusted the dirt and residue off it. I brought it out of it's shallow grave.The wolf had a bloodied neck and I cursed whoever did this to my son. It would all be over though. There was something peculiar about the living moon. I palced tge wolf under the red moon and watched it work it's magic.

Soon, it was a young boy who laid on the ground. I hadn't expected the resurrection so quick like this.

"Praise the moon goddess."

His eyes opened. The bright yellow irises telling me his transformation was complete.

At last, the day I was hoping for had finally arrived. He looked at me in confusion and I could feel his plight.

"Mother." Henry called on me, still confused.

"Yes, son."

Screw that! He wasn't my son anymore. He was now a man. He was an alpha.

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