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   Chapter 11 The blood games

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The cabin wasn't so silent anymore. Outside, I could hear discussions and petty fights. More Vampires must have arrived. Avery still lay unconscious, tied securely with ropes laced in vervian. The herb made my stomach recoil reminding me I was hungry. The mere thought of demanding for food from the vampires scared me. I had seen them countless of times talkingvonbjow plump I looked and how good my blood would taste. It was probably to scare me but better safe than sorry.

Avery finally roused and tried to get up. I could see how pale she was. Her glowing skin was replaced by a drab porcelain white. It got me worried, then I looked at her eyes. They were blue and seemed to illuminate the room. She was in vampire form.

"Are you o-kay?" I stammered, a little afraid.

Avery's eyes flickered back to chestnut brown and she let out a weak smile.

"Just drugged."

Her mind betrayed her. She was starving.

I sincerely did not know what came over me but I offered her my wrist trying to nudge her into feeding on me.

"No!" She spat, violently pushing my hand away.

"Sorry." I said, not understanding why she refused me willingly offering her my blood.

"Sorry." She said after a long pause.

"I don't do that anymore." She revealed me.


"I almost killed someone." She replied.

My throat felt dry. I never imagined Avery as a mindless bloodsucker. I had to shrug it off.

Avery's eyes flickered blue again and I could tell the urge to feed was getting stronger.

"Help!" I yelled, trying to call the attention of any of our captives.

Victor came in, his face now covered in dark sunshades.

"What?" He queried, a naughty smile placating his face.

"She's starving." I muttered.

The man lowered his sunshades to see the pale condition of Avery. His face furrowed in concern and he put back his shades to those souless eyes.

"Let her starve. She'll be dead tonight anyway."

His response shocked me. Appearances could indeed be deceiving.

You dog! I sneered and tried to charge for him but the ropes restricted me from doing any damage. The man laughed in mockery and strided out. His words were, "Be Careful with her though. A hungry vampire doesn't know concern."

The doors locked and he was gone.

Avery groaned almost

Exactly like the one we were in. The assaulter was Victor and the child was a miniature Henry.

I stopped feeding. Red glows from the blood moon hit my face. I knew they would come for me soon.

"Henry, Did you know your father?" I queried, unable to shake off the blood memory.

Henry shaked his head in negation. I was just about to tell Jim what I saw when the door opened and Victor walked in accompanied by two muscular Vampires.

"Someone looks nourished." Victor said, his plastic voice enraging me but the ropes kept me in check.

"Take her." Victor commanded and the two vampires obeyed the with of their master, taking and dragging me with them. I could see Henry struggle to get to me but he was only human, Was he?

I arrived in an open part of the woods. Still bound, I was placed on a wooden altar. Some vampires were around to witness my death. Although for them, it meant their salvation.

She closed her eyes trying to block it all.

"Avery, can you hear me?"

Damian? It was undeniably him. Maybe there was hope after all.


"Where are you?"

I barely remembered where I was but there was something I could do. My only hope was my unreliable powers.

I concentrated on the pain, the rage and everything that was wrong in my life. The screams and distortion I could feel around me assured me it was working then I let it all out.

More screams and a ear splitting bang followed. I opened my eyes to see the damage I had inflicted and hopefully Damian had heard the explosion.

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