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   Chapter 10 Taken

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Avery proved to be a match to reckon with. She had taken down one of my men and was obviously winning the battle. It was too bad that it was for a lost cause. I had the very thing that I could use to toy her around.

"I suggest you stop the senseless murder of your people." I demanded after she ripped out the heart of my second henchmen.

She turned to face me, her still blue eyes filled with hate. I could tell she wanted to rip my head off my body. She lunged at me and placed her claw like fingernails to my neck and spat, "Where is he?"

Maintaining my composure since I was the one in power, I bluntly told her to behave.

"If you want him alive, I suggest you let go of my neck."

Another vampire came out of the cabin holding Henry tightly to send warning paced to the pureblood.

Avery let go of me but her defenses were still on. I wanted her down and I had done so. The tranquilizer I had forced into her bloodstream began to take effect and she spun round like a drunkard.

"You bastard, what did you do to me." She spat now very dizzy.

Avery finally fell unconscious to the ground but still managed to mouth a few words.

"Why don't you kill me?"

She would die but not until the bloodmoon arrived.

"Take her inside." I instructed, still contemplating on what do do with the human boy. He was very instrumental to my success. Without him, I might not have taken Avery down...At least not easily. I had to keep him just to keep Avery in check.

"And keep the human boy."

The boy stared at me in horror. I had promised to release him once I got Avery but now there was a change of plans.

Avery's protector might be coming for her and Henry was just too much of a risk to let out now or ever. I could not wait for Legolas to see the work I had completed for him.

I could already see the moon arriving by night and frankly I couldn't wait.


"Avery!" I sent for the millionth time through the mindlink. I just could not get to her. My suspicions that Victor could have used a brew to sever the mindlink became more of reality than just a theory. He had done it before. I cursed myself for not stopping her earlier.

I needed help and I was not ready to bang a witch to get it. There was only a place that I could go to for help but the problem was they hated our kind.

The faeblood institute. It was hiding in plain sight. To humans, it was l

d the sound and I could see him almost escaping from my sight.

"Dad! I see you." I yelled, watching his obscure figure on a fence.

He got down and walked up to me.

"Sorry." He said.

I refused to give him the answer he wanted. If he was going to apologize, he had a lot of that to do.

"That's all?" I stiffened.

My father's shoulders hung in surrender and he said it all.

"I'm sorry for hiding the truth from you and I'm sorry I lied." He apologized.

I wouldn't have let him go so easily but I was in dire need of his help.

"I'll forgive you father if you tell me why you did it."

It was simple. All I wanted was a confession.

My father put his hands in his back pocket and let out a heavy sigh.

"I was too scared to lose you after I lost your mother." He burst to tears and I rushed in to hug him. It must have been an emotional train walk for him and frankly I might have done the same thing if I was on his condition.

"It's alright."I cooed, "I forgive you."

His phone rang again ruining the family moment. He picked up the phone and I heard, "New lead on the suspect."

I knew instantly that they were referring to Victor and I tried to get more of what was happening.

"He's in an abandoned cabin in the woods. He held hostage, a boy and a vampire."

I knew it was Henry. My father cut the phone and turned to me. I expected Him to try to push me away from my mad ambition but what came out of his mouth was different and a little to good to be true.

"Do you want to join me in taking this bastard down?"

It was an offer I would not refuse for the world.

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