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   Chapter 9 Dear soulmate

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" One who carries a curse and one who carries a blessing aided by a descendant of the moon goddess shall be your undoing King Legolas.

The crown on his head tilted depressinglys he thought of an effective solution to stop this heresy from ever coming to pass.

"Can it be stopped." King Legolas asked the blind seer.

"I don't see how. The change is coming and soon the faebloods would be overthrown." The seer said, clutching to his staff which served as his eyes.

"Then you don't know me." King Legolas retorted, rising from his gold plated throne.

"I will stop this blasphemy you just proclaimed seer. The faebloods have been ruling the supernatural world for milleniums and its not about to change." The faeblood king declared and reached out for his dagger. The bloodstone dagger glowed crimson red to welcome it's master. A wicked grin lit his face when he turned to see the blind defenseless seer still standing before his throne unaware of what was coming.

"But to ensure this remains here, we have to make a pact."

"What pact, my lord?" The seer queried in innocence.

"I thought the spirits have shown it to you."

A slash followed and the seer's head fell to the ground like a melon. The seer's body still stood upright a fewer seconds before it followed it's head.

"Done." King Legolas mumbled to himself.

He always kept the job done and a stupid prophesy was not about to ruin the legacy he had enforced. He was going to end the prophesy before it could even be put to motion, that he promised.

Present day


The predominant supernatural community was in the heart of Athenrim. It was the only place any supernatural could be allowed to be who or what they were meant to be. At least with the exception of vampires. Dressed in a hood that accentuated my face, we searched in hopes for a witch who did not dabble in the dark arts. They were still sly but at least we were assured they would not want our hearts for any potion.

Damian found one. Mama Gigi's potuon and brews. A nature witch shop. We walked into the leafy greens store and I could swear it could be used as a greenhouse. The woman saw more customers and rushed to meet us.

"Hi!" She greeted, dragging her words.

"We need your help." Damian said.

"Why would vampires need my help?" The woman replied, giving us a sly grin.

She could even read aura, how convenient.

"A teleportation spell." Damian finally said toying with a crystal sphere that was on her table.

The woman shaked her head non chalantly and finally gave her answer.

raid of being in a freaking dark room with no source of light but the rays that sometimes passed through the small spaces in the wall or that I was being held against my will and used as leverage to bring people to their doom while that fate awaited me if they did not show up.

"Why are you doing this?" I queried when the vampires were out of sight.

The man reached for a chair and sat crossing his legs.

"No biggie. I just want to help a friend, a really close friend."

Talk about psycho! Some people didn't even deserve the power they are blessed with.

"And killing people to help someone sounds sane to you." I blasted.

The man just let out a suppressed laughter.

"You'll do anything for love, Trust me."

"Just like Avery will." The man added.

What was he implying? Did he mean to say that Avery would come Because she is I'm love with me?

"It's a pity your love is star crossed. There's nothing like a blossoming young love."

I wished the man would shut up but a part of me was afraid he was right and it could also be the reason why we could send messages telepathically. The mindlink! I had to warn Avery before she comes.

"Avery, don't come. It's a trap." I sent waiting patiently for her reply.

"Too late. I'm already here."

I felt dread to my spine. She dared not try to save me. Mr Victor seemed to notice my discomfort.

"Judging by the way you are acting, I can say she's already here." Victor said, venom laced in his carefully crafted words.

"Thank you Henry."

He stood up and adjusted his clothing like he was going in for an interview. I watched him walk to the door, go out and securely locked it.

Something bad was going to happen and I could feel it.

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