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   Chapter 8 Hunted

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The ripper I barely even recognize kept his fangs close to Henry's neck threatening to tear it open if I even took a step.

"Damian help." I sent.

The man's eyes glowed cherry red, peculiar to rippers. I wondered how many lived he had taken.

"I know you want me."I aknowledged trying to at leats distract him.

"Uhmmm!" The man moaned.

"Maybe." He said." But I just want a snack." He grimaced, running a finger down Henry's neckline.

"Why?" I queried.

"Because you seemed attached to him. I just want to break you before I take you to Victor."

"But you don't have the dagger." I revealed hoping to discourage him or even anger him. Thanks man didn't even seem to care.

"I'll think again if I were you." He said, flashing one of his frightening fangs.

Then it occurred to me that Damian wasn't answering my call for help. Had they taken him? Or was he dead? The slight thought of that made me growl. The anger was building and it was just what I needed.

"What did you do to Damian?" I demanded. My fangs extending.

"If we killed him, there would be nothing you would do. You are too weak for a pureblood." He said to spite me.

Arghh! I lunged for his neck, sinking my claw like fingernails to rip whatever he used to speak. He quickly freed Henry from his grip and held his throat to cope with the pain. The bleeding stopped and I could tell he had healed. I ran for him again hoping I would rip into his heart. I was confident he could not kill me because he was bonded to me and my death meant his. He dodged my attacks and pushed me back before rushing to grab Henry.

"If you want him. You know where to find us." He said. A huge gust followed and he was gone.

"No!" I yelled. I could still sense Henry through the mindlink but I dared not follow. The blood moon was close approaching and sincerely I was more worried about Damian.

"Damian" I called out hoping he would at least give me a weak reply but there was none. Something bad had happened and I had to know what.


I felt weak coupled with the pain I had received from the clawing and kicking. The vampires had gone which meant they had taken the blood dagger. I wondered how long I had died. Luckily, I wasn't impaled or maybe they wanted it that way. I trembled to stand up. My dead cells still regenerating. I went to the briefcase where I had kept the dagger. Three deep slash had torn it open and it was relatively emp

re you thinking?" My father scolded.

"I'm sorry..." I tried to say but my father cut me off.

"I know. Just promise me you'll do Whatever it takes to stay out of this."

I would have none of it. If he wasn't ready to give me a valid reason then I would never comply.

"Why?" I retorted.

"What? Did you hear me boy." My father raised his tone to imply I should watch my tongue. I was however defiant.

"If you won't tell me why I should keep away from this world then I'm sorry father but I won't." I answered planning on keeping my word.

"Do you know who you were sent to hunt?"

I refused to answer knowing he would tell me more either way.

"A former faeblood who killed even his own kind. Victor is more dangerous than even the most evil dark witch and just because you got lucky."

"That's not why you don't want me to be who I was meant to be. Just tell me and I will do anything you say." I said, hoping I could finally get the truth from him. He seemed to consider it then his expression changed.

"If you don't want to listen to me, then take it." He spat, reaching out to the sword that sent a warm green glow across the room at touch.

All I wanted was the truth and now my father was pushing me out. He might have scared me with Victor's tale but I was not backing down.

"I will."

I took the sword from his grasp and grabbed the scroll before walking out on him.

Almost outside the house, I could hear him scream and blame himself for what just transpired between us. It made me ponder if the reason my father tried to keep me from being a faeblood was even bigger than him, than all of us.

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