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   Chapter 7 Peculiar things

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Henry did not seemed startled or worried despite all the disturbing things I revealed to him. It made me free to tell him more. He held a smile all through my boring speech on the hierarchy of the supernatural world with the Vampires being the lowest.

"So faebloods are like the rulers." He asked brushing a tendril of hair from my face.

A warm sensation engulfed me and I did not quite like it.

"I don't know. We dare not show out face to the council. We are seen as beasts and hunger craved psychos." I admitted, biting my lips that it almost bled.

Henry seemed to notice my discomfort in saying how we were treated. He held my chin so that I could meet his enchanting gaze.

"I don't think you are a monster."

I wished. Henry hardly knew what I had done. He was far too trusting. All that preoccupied my mind when I was with him as to open and drink him up like a juice box. It qas even worse that I was attracted to him.


I heard a voice whisper in my mind. It wasn't me and I knew it definitely wasn't Damian. I looked up to meet Henry's eyes. It was him. This was unheard of. A vampire and a human sharing a mindlink. It was a sacred bond or perhaps it was just part of the curse they had to bear. Henry's smile disappeared and it dawned to me that he could also read my thoughts.

Urgh! Now I could feel what Damian had to go through every passing day.

"Did you feel that? It was like..."

"You could read my thoughts." I completed.


No use hiding more of the curse now.

"I don't know but somehow we've bonded and I might possibly share a mindlink with you." I revealed trying to guess what his expression entailed. The answer wasn't far fetched. Peeping into his mind, I could tell he was elated. It was kind of like he wanted it.

And I thought I knew everyone.

"Cool." He said running his palms together and I could tell he was trying to think of pure things. Some dirty thoughts however escaped and I could tell he wanted to do things to me.

"Sorry." He apologized, knowing I had brushed through his mind.

"So... See you at school tomorrow?" He added.

With Victor on a mad rampage to hunt me down. A huge public palace was the best hiding place for me right now.

"I'll be there." I responded.

He flashed his white set of teeth and marched out almost bumping into Damian on his way out.

I stiffled a chuckle when this happened. I felt different and wondered if this was love.

"So did he take it well?" Damian asked, disrupting my thoughts

"He did."

Damian sent me a doubtful look. He really wanted to wipe Henry but not after Kyle, A boy in my former school who kept on discovering my secret. The third wipe changed him. He was charged with serial killing and diagnosed with psychosis. History could not repeat itself.

"I'm also going to school tomorrow""just in case people are worried that I missed three days of school and I just arrived." I added make sure he knew why I was going. It was a lie though. I knew I was only going

nry doing here?

He turned and smiled when he saw me.

"I thought vampires don't sleep." He yelled from accross the living room. A part of me was happy he was not afraid of ne but a more responsible part of me wished he knew none of this. It could put him in a whole lot of mess.

What came out of my mouth was, "Come on, Not everything in movies should be trusted."

He have a mock surrender and I went to the refrigerator pulling out a bag of O+, my favourite. I joined hima at the living room sinking my fangs to feed. Recently, I felt free with him. It could be as a result of the bond. Done with breakfast, I licked my fangs to clean them of any blood.

"Let's go." I said to Henry, slacking my backpack on.

"Bye." I sent to Damian who didn't even turn back.

The walk to school was quite not far but Henry insisted he wanted to show me something. We took a turn to the woods. I had a premony that someone was following us but I shrugged it off as small animals scurrying around.

"This is it." Henry said, pointing to a stone figurine. It was the troll I had killed earlier. Being a nature troll, it must return to nature and they was what it did. It turned to a rocky statue with moss dressing it.

"I just noticed it. Do you know anything about it?" Henry said.

I wanted to answer but before I could, I heard a twig snap and birds flew off whatever they were scavenging on. My senses alerted and I turned to meet a scary sight. A bulky man looking in his early thirties approached us. His eyes were frightening and he had a scowl plastered on his face.

"What do you want?" Henry demanded, keeping a bold face but it was obvious he was afraid. The man did not stop until he was only a few metres from us.

"The last pureblood." He growled out.

Avery's defenses activated. This was a ripper. The vampire turned to the weakest among them, Henry.

"Henry, run." Avery yelled but before he could even take a step, the vampire was already where he stood, exposing his fangs.

We needed help.

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