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   Chapter 6 Outed

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The school looked empty without kalim. I wondered what he doing. He was probably sick. Cheryl kept hanging on to me like a leech and I could barely have a time alone. School ended on a breeze because I could hardly concentrate on the teacher. My mind refused to shake off the beautiful face of Avery. She also wasn't in school. Immediately the bell rang, I ran off to the door only to be called back by the principal. Mr Samuel was a sturdy man in his fifties. He had a pot belly and grey hair to signify he was an old man who was nearly reaching retirement.

"My boy." The man said in an husky voice. He only spoke like that when he needed a favour. Henry kind of hated what his mother had forced him to do. He only joined the student body to please his mother.

"I need your help. There are a set of new student who just arrived. Do be a good chump and show them around." He said patting my back. The students were right at his back, three in total and they looked more like adults than teenagers especially the blonde haired boy who had a scowl of his face. He was athletic and was definitely someone Cheryl would drool over. He had better warn him of that vixen. The other two were innocent looking girls that always sent him a smile each time he looked at them. He could tell they were not from Athenrim.

"And do check on kalim. He wasn't in school today." The principal said and walked away in a gullible manner. The girls laughed and commented he walked like a pigeon. They were definitely high school material. The boy did not laugh. He only held his signature scowl and looked intensely into my eyes when he noticed I was watching him. I had to admit, the boy gave me the creeps.

The tense walk around the school sooner turned to a pleasant chatter as the girls loosened me up.i learnt their names. The two girls were Milo and Lola, they were best friends and the boy was Duke, strange name for a strange dude.

"This is our toilet where all the dirty things happen." I smiled at the girls ignoring the boy. He acted like he was a robot, only nodding when I questioned him. Perhaps he was one of those boys who wanted to look mysterious and dark when they arrived in school, Talk about way to much TV.

"So are the only new students in the school?" The boy finally spoke. His voice was quite soft considering his rugged features and beefed package.

He perhaps was sent here for being a handful, I thought and probably wanted to relate with someone that felt his plight. Unfortunately, the new girl was not around.

"Yes.A girl, she's not here." I answered giving him a cheerful grin hoping he would let go of that awful scowl that made him look like an American bad boy.

"Is her name Avery?" This should have set me off to something but I thought maybe he knew her from somewhere.

"Yes, Avery." I replied." Do you know her?" I asked.

His scowl finally loosened up and he gave a smile. He actually looked good if he kept it on.

"Her family and ours go way back."

"Oh! She lives in my neighborhood. know you could come see her."

"Sure." The three said on unison. I was not aware the two girls knew Avery but it turns out they did.

"Okay, I'll be going soon. I'll call you when I'm ready." I offered.

They all nodded and began to talk to themselves as I went to get my backpack.

The class was silent and as I

up and I watched in admiration as he looked at me with an expression that said, "are you seeing this".

"We have wipe him." Damian sent through the mindlink. As much as u wanted this, I knew we dared not. Wiping memories thrice had permanent damage and could impair the mind.

"We can't?"i sent back. Damian nodded and left us to be. He wanted me to do this. It was going to be hard revealing everything about the supernatural world to a human but i had to.

I walked up to him and grabbed myself a chair.

"Can you keep a secret?" I began.

He nodded.

"Here it goes..."


The spell didn't work and it got my father all worked up. There was more to him not wanting me to be a faeblood. He refused to let me even leave for school fearing that the "warbloods" might try to make me one of them. I still could not understand his hatred for them. They were literally our people.

The telephone that my father rarely used rang getting me out of my train of thoughts. It was the flip-dial. O always thought my father had it for decoration but now I wasn't so sure. I picked it up and spoke to the receiver, "Hello?"

The voice at the receiver sounded a lot farmiliar. It was principal Samuel. He was talking about a murder.

"Bob, " he ranted, referring to my father's name."Vampires. A body just showed up on school this morning and although the vampire tried to cover up his tracks by severing his victims head, I could make out the teeth marks. Do the warbloods know of this?"

My father was working as a warblood? I could hear his footsteps approaching the living room.

"Hello?" Principal Samuel screamed from over the phone.

My father finally came in to the living room and I faced him.

"There was a murder Dad and a vampire did it." I said so loudly so principal Samuel could hear.

The line went static and I asked my father the most unsettling question of all.

"Are you still a warblood?"

His expression confirmed my suspicions. I just needed him to admit the truth.

"Yes." He admitted.

If he was living the life he was trying to make me avoid, why was he doing all of this. Something was odd and I could feel it. There was a huge secret he was keeping and I was going to find out what it was.

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