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   Chapter 1 Making first impressions

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In a world you don't know, at least, humans don't know. We exist. We are vampires, undead. Many don't know we're real. That is good. Imagine me sitting to you next in class, baring fangs. Trust me, I know the feeling. I'm Avery, a vampire. I'm one of the last of my specie. I'm a pureblood, a true vampire with unpuddled blood. There are others, the lesser but we'll go into them later. My story is simple. I was born a pureblood. My parent, bless their soul, were also purebloods. They were killed by the very person hunting me, Victor. Victor has been hunting me and the rest of my kind down. I'm being protected by Damian, my father's closest associate. We're arriving at Athenrim, a supposed dangerous place for supernaturals. Now that I look at it, I'm not so sure. I actually believe that this place can scare Victor away, I'm finally going to have a life.

"What are you daydreaming about?" Damian asked me as I closed my journal. Writing my life in a book has been one of the ways to relish immortality, if... you're not being hunted by a dangerous man.

"Nothing, I'm just happy we survived Victor's ambush." I replied. Victor had almost killed me in our last hideout, I escaped thanks to my "come as I wish" abilities. Being a vampire was a curse although it had it's perks.

"You have to go to school. For us to..."

"Blend in." I finished. As a pureblood I stopped aging when I had my first bloodlust. So, I'm literally stuck in a teenage body. Damian on the other hand was turned in his youth. He can literally do anything with his life. Damian gave me a sullen look. He knew I hated this. Running, hiding, the extreme hunger. It was unbearable. The fae who cursed us knew the trick. Now you don't know the story but I do. Don't worry, I'll tell you.

"In the early ages, the supernatural world was split into two. Servants of nature, a pleasant term for witches. They choose to use their powers to their whims. Embodiment of nature, Fae. No one really knows their origin but I can tell you, Fae's were so powerful that their pronouncement could become reality. To fix this, mother nature saps a fae's Vita as punishment. My ancestor fell in love with a Fae but he double-crossed her. In anger, she cursed him and here we are now, still afflicted by the curse."

We arrived at our new house. It was a small bungalow. It's roof was peeling off leaving with with a lighter tomato red. It was perfect. Damian offloaded our bags and we lodged in. The inside of the house was spectacular. The living room had mohogany floorboards. The Persian rug left it looking ancient. The chairs were formed into a semicircle which was facing a fireplace, one we'll never use.

"Damian, I'm impressed." I admitted. Damian gave a weak smile before going to pick his room. I didn't bother choosing a room. My room was usually made by Damian. He usually plastered my room with titanium due to my nightmares. I carried my sorry ass to a sofa to relax, the road had made me sore all over. I began to hear Damian work swiftly with his hammer. I didn't realize when I slept. Whoever told you vampires don't sleep.

I was roused by the smell of blood. It was very strong. It had to be human blood. There was a knock on the door. I could hear giggles and whispers thanks to my enhanced senses. I wanted to call Damian but curiousity got the better of him. As the doorknob opened, I saw a boy right in front of me. His hair was blonde and he had a huge smile plastered to his face.

"Hello." He said. I could see his cheeks flush.

"Yeah."I returned returning his smile.

"We're neighbours." He continued trying desperately to hide his timidity.

I was about to reply when Damian shoved me out of the way. He confronted the visitor.

"So sorry. It's been a rough day...can this conversation be postponed ehm..." Damian said, his pause was for the boy to introduce his name.

"Sure", the boy replied and began to leave but he stopped turned back and spoke, "My name is Henry by the way."

The door was closed but I heard it loud and clear. When the door was securely locked, Damian threw me an adult card.

"Avery, we've talked about this. If you haven't fed. Don't, Don't speak to humans."

He was right and that truth made me boil. I wished I didn't share a telepathic mindlink with Damian. Damian turned and I knew immediately what he was about to do.

"I'm not being homeschooled. I'm like eight hundred for peace sake, can't I make my choice?"

I resolved to stand my ground until he listened to me. He sighed then spoke, "Okay! But, promise me you'll keep a low profile."

"Sure." I assured, "I know the ground rules."

"Then say it?" Damian ordered.

What a jerk! The ground rules were simple. Never get comfy. Always be on alert and never ever get close. It had always kept us safe so it was better that way. After reciting the mantra, I retired to my room. It was going to be a hectic day tomorrow and I had to be ready. I looked at my skylight which was designed to look like stars as my eyes flustered to the home of troubled souls, sleep.


I jerked around my bed blaming it for my sudden insomnia but deep inside I knew it was something else. The bed was perfectly smooth and soft however my mind was scrambled. I remembered the new girl's smile, visualizing it like she was right in front of me. I knew I had to know her. The night was far spent. My alarm clock read 4:30. It surprised me that I had been awake for that long. I got off bed and wore a trainer. I was feeling restless and wanted to go on a jog.

As I raced through the park. I watched the trees dance to the tunes of the wind. I stopped when I could barely catch my breath. The feeling of adrenaline was all over me. I decided to take it slowly before returning to my apartment. While going home, I stole a look at the ancient bungalow. I saw a silhouetted figure move around the house. It was the girl. I didn't even know her name thanks to her cocky father. I wanted to walk up to her but I feared being tagged a stalker. It was better to watch from the sidelines. I was so carried away studying her features that I didn't notice her turn at my direction. I jerked in surprise and hit a pothole rewarded by the dirty water inside. I heard it. She laughed. It was serene, Like a dolphins chatter. For a brief moment, I forgot my predicament and waved to her. She also waved back. I decided to visit her porch but she did the strangest thing ever. She locked the windows depriving me of the opportunity to see her beautiful face.

"At least, tell me your name?" I whispered into the enveloping darkness and got nothing but crickets. As I turned to take my leave, I heard her reply. It wasn't very audible but I could make the word out, "Avery


The alarm clock chimed waking me up in annoyance. I hit the snooze button and peered at the clock. It was already 6:30 am. I groaned as I lazily stood up to brush my teeth. Why had I volunteered to serve as aide to the freshers. I felt terrible as my eyes ached from lack of sleep. I could hear water run in the bathroom. That meant mother was already awake. Sometimes I had to admit I envied her. She was a strong woman. Ever since father disappeared and was never found. She had taken it upon herself to take care of herself and i. My peptalk encouraged me as i brushed my teeth. At 6:50, I was already dressed and ready for school. Mother dished out waffles which I hurriedly ate before leaving but not before a goodbye kiss which had become a normal for me. I got on my bike and peddled to school. I still surveyed my new neighbours. They weren't out yet so no need to bother them. The ride to Plymouth high wasn't necessarily far. It was only a stone throw from my home.

"Hey, dude." I heard someone say. It was kalim, my best friend. We've been friends since childhood. He got off Cheryl's sweet ride and they both walked up to me.

"How's the selfless student doing?" Cheryl joked.

Despite being tired I had to smile. While kalim and Cheryl went inside the school premises, I waited outside. If any fresher was arriving, I'd be the one to tour them around. After a long wait, a car arrived. Coming out from the backseat was Avery. Her thick black Raven hair danced as the winds tossed them around. Her lips were red and fuller. I was surprised she was coming to my school. Her father sighted me and gave her the "be careful with him" look. As his car reversed and left the premises, I met with her.

"Hi" I started.

"Hi" she sent back.

It was difficult to start a conversation when she had no urge to talk to me but I would keep on trying. It probably because she was new.


As Henry tried to start a conversation, I tried my possible best to be unattracted. Damian's words rang in my head through the mindlink.

"Be careful" he uttered.

Henry continued his conversation as I continued to try my best to not get involved.

"Come Avery, let me show you around."

Oh no! I whispered to myself. This is how it starts in movies. The girl who is trying to be lonely gets a good friend and it all starts from the first encounter.

"No thanks, I have detailed map that can show me around but thanks anyway." I said. As I left him, the look on his face was unmistakable, sadness. It left a hole in my heart but I knew it was better at least I was told so.

The map on my hand was nothing but an agent of confusion. It was getting me lost rather than around. I quickly regretted my decision to abandon Henry but I dared not go back. There had to be someone else who could tell me. My answer walked right in. It was a girl probably in her early sixteens. She had dangerously bleached hair which made it lose their sheen. Her face was bombarded with cosmestics and it made her look a little older than her age. She wore a plain short gown and boots to match.

"Hi" I greeted.

She turned as if seeing me for the first time.

"Hi there." She said slurring her words making it look like she wasn't interested In our little chit chat.

"I'm Cheryl. What do you want?" She continued.

"I'm having a problem finding my class. Em, could you show me around."

The girl rolled her eyes and instructed me to follow her. This was worse than being chased. Her outright negativity reminded me of the bubbling Henry.

The girl, Cheryl or whatever led to to my first class. The class was already jam-packed with students and there was only one chair left. I quickly occupied it. Second rule of highschool, The girl who stands out gets the spotlight.

"Hi." A voice said by my left.

"Hi.", I returned then turned to the speaker. My blood turned cold. It was Henry. Was this fate or was this human just trying to get on my nerves. I made up my mind to finally get him off my back.

"Are you stalking me?" I asked. The mood I expected was annoyance but I received a bumused look.

"Do you really think you're that special?" His reply burnt down my walls. It reminded me of my father. He said that to me the very day he died.


I watched my father lay limp of the damp grass. The green plants had been painted with my father's blood. Damian forced me away from his sorry sight. What monster did this? I thought. I knew my father as a powerful vampire and moreover we healed, What changed? He motioned me to come closer. His bright irises had lost their goal.

"Avery, I might not survive this. I want you to know I love you and will always be with you." He paused to cough half clotted blood before continuing, " you are special Avery and never ever be ashamed of who you are." Tears flowed from my eyes as he took his last breath.

"Papa!" I screamed at him begging him to wake up but he never did. That night was the worrst day i ever had.


Tears flowed freely down my eyes like a leaking tap. Henry noticed this and knew he had hurt me. My emotions we're greating stronger. The rage coarsed through my body as I'm ages of that day flooded my mind.

"Damian, " I sent through the mindlink." I'm shifting."

"GET OUT!" Damian sent back I could feel his panic. I stood up from my seat, ignoring the teacher's cry. My canines began to extend. My vision got brighter and the urge for blood became almost unresistable. I needed to feed.

I held a dead squirrel in my bloody hands. I hated myself. I had succumbed again.

"Did anyone see you?" Damian asked through the mindlink. No one deserved to see this. A monster that literally had to survive on blood.

"It's alright Damian, I'm in the park." I replied. I could sense his sigh of relief. I dropped the dead squirrel on the lush carpet grass to allow nature do it's work. It always did it's work.

"Wait there. I'm coming." Damian sent again. So I sat on a red bench and waited for me. Occasionally, I eoped at my mouth to clean the traces of animal blood. A terrible gust began to blow but that didn't matter not until I felt it. My senses were at alert. Time slowed as I saw a huge tree collapse heading right for me. The tree fell to the ground making a booming sound. My strength had not failed me. For unknown reasons, I felt a presence beside me. I slowly turned to see just the person that got me into this mess. Henry looked like he had seen a ghost and I was definitely sure he had seen be shove the tree away.

"Damian, "I sent through the link, "someone just saw me use my strength."

Damian did not answer but his emotions let me know he heard and he was coming.

"What are you?" Henry exclaimed, more in shock than awe.

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