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   Chapter 43 Forty Three

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"Show me your eyes?" Evan asked Sienna.

Sienna pouted for a while and then she pointed to her eyes.

"Good Job." Ethan commended with a loud clap.

"Show me your belly?" Evan asked again and Sienna raised her pyjamas shirt to show her elder brothers her belly.

"Good job." Evan commended.

"Sissy is a genius." Ethan teased and tickled Sienna's belly which made her giggle loudly.

"Show me your chin?" Ethan asked and Sienna looked lost but eventually pointed to her elbow.

"No Sissy, This is your chin okay." Evan corrected, showing Sienna her chin and she nodded.

"Okay Sissy, last question. Show me your nose." Ethan asked.

The little one year old girl happily pointed to her nose and her elder brothers cheered.

"Mommy, Sienna should come to school with us next time." Ethan Suggested.

"Yes mommy, that way she won't cry whenever we are going to school because we will be going together." Evan added.

"I think Sienna is still small to start school sweetheart." Annie replied as stood in front of the mirror in her room and applied her night facial routine. "She will start school when shes two"

"But Zoe is one and Zoe is in day care. Sienna can come to day care too. She's smart." Ethan challenged and Annie sighed. He was always the strong headed one; he takes a No for an answer.

"Okay baby. I'll discuss it with your Daddy when he comes."

"Sienna." Annie groaned as she walked towards her babies who were playing on the rug beside the bed in her room.

"I told you not to put those heels on again, at least not tonight." Annie sounded kind of frustrated but Sienna smiled at her mom in return. She ran into her mom's closet when her mom was in the bathroom and had put on her red heels.

"I think she loves them mommy. Maybe you should buy a smaller one for her." Evan suggested.

"She can't wear heels now. She's still a baby."

"Come here SiSi." Annie gestured for her daughter to come closer to her and Sienna obeyed. She took a seat on the rug where the boys were seated and placed Sisi on her lap as she began to make her hair. Sienna refused to remove her mom's heel so they were still hanging loosely around her small feet.

Motherhood Was Annie's greatest achievement. She would look at her babies everyday and bless God for blessing her with an adorable set of humans. Ethan and Evan were three Years old when Sienna was given birth to. They were so happy when their younger sister was brought to the world. They are so protective of her and want to play with her all the time.

Sienna was born on Eric's birthday. That made Eric love he

d birthday party which they all have to attend.

Eric finished up his meal and cleaned up after which he and Annie found their way to their bedroom.

Instantly, she cuddled closer to him. That was her safest place on heart. Her head on his chest and her leg tangled between his.

Eric announced."Babe, We are going on a trip to Hawaii to celebrate our fifth Wedding Anniversary."

Annie looked up at him with a smile on her face. "Really?" She knew their Anniversary was around the corner but she was thinking they will celebrate it the usual way. That is, having a romantic dinner and buying gifts for each other.

They havent been on vacation for a very long time. As they were busy with work and taking care of their Children and family.

"Yes dear." He replied.

"For how long?" She asked excitedly.

"Two weeks."

She frowned. "Isn't that too long? What about the kids?"

"We deserve a break Annie. The kids will be fine. Our parents will watch over them and I'm sure they will be more than happy to do so."

Annie Sighed. "I know they'll be fine. It's just that I haven't been away from them for so long."

"You're truly the best mother in the world. Our kids are so lucky to have you and I'm the luckiest person to have you as my wife Annie." He said sincerely then placed a kiss on her cheek.

Annie chuckled. "Who would have thought I'll end up with my long time crush? Im so blessed to have you as my man Eric." She confessed.

"And Im super blessed to have you as my partner for life. I love you so much sweets."

Somehow Annie found a way to get hold of his hand and placed it on her belly. "We love you too babe."

Eric eyes widened as a huge smile found its way to his face in realization of what she said and did.

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