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   Chapter 1072 An Ordinary Life Is A Blessing

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"Carla, you are here."

Jane immediately stood up. Her face flushed red in horror as she looked at Sean lying unconscious on the bed. "He was fine just a second ago. I don't know why he fainted. I... I'd better go find the doctor!"

Carla stormed in and hovered over the bed without taking her eyes off of her senseless brother. After a moment, she agreed, "Ok, go find the doctor."

Taking one more look at Sean, Jane walked out anxiously.

Once she found herself alone with Sean, Carla approached him and crossed her arms.

With a knowing smile, she said, "Sean, if you don't wake up by the time I count to three, you'll retire from the army tomorrow and start looking for a new job!"

"One, two..." Carla began to count.

"Don't do that!"

Sean suddenly opened his eyes with a frown. But then his lips curved into a bitter smile. "Carla, don't do that. I know I've made a mistake. I'll even write about it for self-criticism later. You can also say whatever you want..."

His soldiers would've gaped in shock if they had heard him just now.

For over ten years he had been serving and forging himself to speak, think and act like he was made of steel. But in front of Carla, he had reserved for her his soft side.

At that moment, Carla stared him down. How could he have easily shifted from a comatose to sobriety if he hasn't shamelessly tried to deceive her? However, instead of scolding him, she laughed.

After all, she hadn't really bought his little act. Terence had already told her that Sean was out of danger and had been fine for a few days. There was no way he would have passed out precisely when he saw her.

"Are you kidding me? How dare I say a word to the Colonel? You're a hero whose greatest honor would be to sacrifice your own life for our country. How dare I have a say in this?"

Carla said through her teeth, tearing his hospital gown open. The moment her eyes hovered over the stitches on his chest, along with the other smaller wounds, she had to force herself to hold back the tears.

"Carla, don't. I know I was wrong and I won't do it again!"

Noticing her eyes welling up, Sean couldn't help but feel sorry. As his sister, it was her job to be the voice of reason and recite some gentle and comforting words. But the angrier she got, the more she grieved.

Because of her, h

So, she waited. And when she heard that Sean was still unmarried, she secretly hoped she had a chance with him.

Now, she realized she didn't. He had become a successful man in his field with a bright future ahead.

As for her, she was just a girl from the countryside, who, compared to him, never did anything that stood out.

Yet, perhaps this was advantageous for her. After all, it was acceptable for a woman not to have accomplished as much as a man.

"Okay, please don't get mad. I'll come to see you tomorrow..."

Jane wasn't angry. Instead, she looked tenderly at him before turned on her heels.

Sean watched her receding back and closed his eyes with a sigh. He wondered if he had been too harsh. He knew she had never gotten married because she was waiting for him.

Suddenly, His phone beeped with several messages coming in all at once.

Sean reached out to the device and clicked on the first text. It consisted of a series of emojis ranging from bloody knives to sad and crying faces.

Signature: Your girl.

Thinking of his calculated indifference towards Sally, Sean felt a little guilty and regretful.

No matter how much he lost his temper with her, Sally never got angry with him. It seemed that she would always find in her heart, ways to forgive him.

Sean's mind had briefly drifted off until he came back to his senses, realizing that he had absentmindedly hit the call button. However, before he could hang up, someone picked up.


A crisp and angry voice sounded on the other end of the line.

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