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   Chapter 1071 Sally Left, But Carla Came!

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Upon hearing this, Sally pouted and pointed at the sofa near the bed. "Then, I'll just sleep on the sofa. Is that okay?"

Sean gave her a slight nod.

It was getting quite late.

On the bed, and on the sofa, the two were lying on their backs. The full moon outside cast its light into the room through the thin curtains. The night was peaceful and quiet, but it was also a bit depressing.

After a while, Sean heard the sound of an even and dense breathing coming from the sofa.

Only then did a faint creak come from the bed as Sean slowly stood up and walked to the sofa. There was only a short distance between them, so it wasn't too difficult for Sean to reach the sofa despite his weak state.

He pulled the quilt upward to cover Sally's exposed shoulders and tucked the corner of the quilt in for her. He looked at her sleeping face which seemed to emit a peaceful radiance. Her petite and straight nose moved slightly as she breathed in and out, looking just as lovely as when she was a child.

He didn't know how long he spent just staring at her, and it wasn't until she turned over and faced him that he realized what he had been doing and stood up.

He went back to the bed, but he was no longer sleepy. He tried to avoid looking at her, but he found himself staring at her as she slept, over and over again.

Although he had deliberately avoided her over the past few years, it seemed as if the wall he had built between them came crashing down at after being together and getting along for just a few days.

Everything had gotten off track.

Finally, Sean closed his eyes and drifted off to asleep.

The next day.

As usual, Sally got up early and went out to buy breakfast. When she came back, she heard someone talking in the ward.

"Sean, this is the tremella and glutinous rice porridge I made myself. I cooked it for a long time. And this is the salty and crisp cake that I also made for you. Give it a try,"

the woman said softly as she walked over to Sean with the porridge.

"Jane, thank you."

Sean took the porridge and thanked her with a smile. As soon as he raised his head, he saw Sally walking in with food in her hand. He paused for a while and said, "Sally, look who's here."

Sally came in and put the box on t

Sally would be there.

As her father, he knew better than anyone else that Sally wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to spend more time with Sean.

"Sean! Where are you?" Carla shouted.

Sean, who was quietly eating porridge in the ward, heard the screaming voice and thought, 'Damn it!'

Then, despite the fact that Jane was still feeding him, he tilted his head and closed his eyes, pretending to pass out.


Jane was dumbfounded. How could he pass out so easily?

Sean's heart filled up with frustration. Ever since he joined the army, he kept Sally and Carla in the dark every time he got injured. They were like his nemesis.

Once, when he got nothing more than a bruise, he already had to face his sister's anger. If she found out that this time, that it was a direct shot in the chest, would she still be fine?

It was not easy to get rid of Sally, and now Carla had come as well. One wanted his heart, while the other wanted his life!


Carla trotted over to the ward and the door flew open. She didn't get the news until this morning. Apparently, Sean had been back for a while, but he had been hiding in this hospital!

How dare he!

It was not even a big deal that he had injuries all over his body, but how dare he hide it from her? Carla was furious!

'Is he planning to die without seeing me for the last time?

Damn it! Was he really brought up by me? How dare he use his chest to block the bullet! Silly boy!' Carla couldn't control her anger!

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