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   Chapter 1050 Selina

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It was the second day.

Outside the Seaview Villa

Carla had finished packing and was about to leave for Yu Sea City.

When she stepped out, she saw Adonis following her. Carla turned around to look at him but he quickly averted his gaze.

"Honey, it's Monday. Don't you need to go to school?" Carla kneeled in front of him and asked.

Adonis opened his mouth a couple of times but nothing came out. Carla placed her forefinger under his chin and lifted his head to make his eyes meet hers. "What's the matter? Tell me," she prompted. "Mom, I've never been to Yu Sea City. Can you take me with you?" he asked, his face was flustered with embarrassment.

Sally had accompanied Carla to Yu Sea City a few times but his mother had never offered to take him. He was eager to see how the place and its people were.

"Don't worry about school. I've already finished learning the entire syllabus for this semester. I can request my teacher to grant me a leave." His big expectant eyes were staring at Carla, waiting for her answer.

Carla looked at him. She thought for a while and said, "Okay, let's go. But I will be staying there for fifteen days. I hope you don't get bored during that time."

Adonis bobbed his head happily. His entire face lit up with happiness. He grinned excitedly, ran to the car, and opened the door for Carla like a gentleman.

"Your Majesty, please get in the car!"

Carla's eyes widened and her mouth popped open with shock. She was surprised by her son's little gesture.

'I think it's time to take him to my hometown, ' she thought.

In Yu Sea City

Yu Sea City had witnessed a drastic change over the past ten years. The city had not only carefully maintained the architectural and humanities feature of the Yu clan but also introduced an arena of essential modern facilities. The entire Yu clan seemed to have been infused with a new life.

Although their customs and traditions hadn't changed much, Carla had been concentrating on the wellbeing of men for the past two years. Their progress was phenomenal.

Fifty percent of the credit, undoubtedly, belonged to one person.

"Mr. Su, the matriarch is back!"

The man in the atelier put down the brush immediately and turned around.

"I see. It's almost lunchtime. Ask the cook to prepare lunch. Don't forget to send the helpers to clean the bedroom. Oh, by the way, she's retur

him. She had been trying hard to set him up with women for the last ten years. But none of them seemed to hold his interest.

Steven was a stubborn man.

Carla couldn't help but wonder if he had any desires.

How could a man be extremely selfless and generous?

"I have Selina and she means the world to me. I don't need anyone else." Steven smiled and handed one of the files to Carla.

Carla couldn't say anything after Steven's response. She had done everything she could, but Steven wouldn't budge on his decision.

"Well, let's get to work now. This is the development plan for Yu Sea City. Please have a look at it."

Steven smiled encouragingly.

Atop a mountain near the Wang Village

Selina was humming a song while flying a kite. It was soaring calmly in the blue sky.

"Hi, there. I haven't seen you before."

Selina who was running happily, suddenly stopped when she saw a boy sitting under the tree, staring at the kite, seemingly lost in thought.

Selina held the string of the kite firmly and walked towards Adonis.

Adonis shifted his gaze to look at Selina. He felt that she was pretty but not as beautiful as his sister.

"This is the first time I have come here. So, obviously you wouldn't have seen me before,"

Adonis said as he looked at the mountains that were shrouded by clouds and mist against the blue sky. It was a breathtaking sight.

"My name is Selina. What's your name?"

Selina asked, reaching her hand out.

Adonis shook her hand and smiled.

"Adonis An."

He stood up and walked to the beautiful garden ahead of him.

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