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   Chapter 1043 Carla Found Steven

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Joyce came in and gave her the report.

She was the daughter of Carrie and had been working for Carla since last year. Because Carol was pregnant and was expecting to have her baby in July, Carla allowed her to take a maternity leave.

"Who? Did you get his name?"

Carla asked while stretching herself.

"Yes my lady. He said his name is Victor,"

Joyce answered.


Carla pondered at this name for a while before she eventually remembered. She hadn't heard the name in a long while. "Oh, him! Yes, let him in."

Before long, Victor was ushered in.

It was evident that he had been crying as he made his way inside the palace hall.

"I'm honored to meet you, Mrs. An... I'm sorry, I meant, Your Majesty."

Ignoring his blunder, Carla noticed the tears that were streaming down Victor's cheeks. "What's the matter, Victor? Why are you crying? Come and sit down."

Quickly, Victor knelt down before her and cried even louder.

"Your Majesty, my master... my master... he..."

Carla was shocked to hear Victor talk about his master like that. She hadn't heard from Steven for a long time. "What's wrong? What happened to him?"

"Your Majesty... My master is going to die..."

Victor burst into tears.

"Victor, are you kidding? Steven is still young and healthy. How could he be dying? Stop crying. Tell me what happened,"

Carla said as she helped Victor stand up.

"I'm serious! I'm begging you, Your Majesty. Please see my master!"

Victor refused to get up. He wouldn't get up until he got what he wanted.

Carla sighed helplessly. "Where is he?"

Victor wiped his tears and replied, "He's in Yu Sea City right now."

"Yu Sea City? Since when? I didn't even know he was here,"

Carla said in surprise. Why would Steven come back here?

"Two years ago. He came here in secret. If I hadn't asked him, I wouldn't have known either!"

Victor explained as he composed himself.

Before he left, Victor gave an address to Carla. Apparently, Steven had settled in

pressed a gentle pressure on his arm.

Carla stopped him.

His arms were so frail, as if a simple gust of wind would be enough to topple him over. No wonder Victor had cried like that when he said his young master didn't have much time to live. What had happened to Steven?

Suddenly, she remembered Arthur's words.

'Callie, I know Steven very well. If he leaves you, he is likely to spend the rest of his life without hope.'

Something jolted Steven out of his daze. He pushed Carla's hand away immediately and said, "Callie, let me at least get you some orange juice. Please wait here a moment."

He coughed again and hurried out of the room.

Carla was overwhelmed. 'How could it be possible?'

She was supposed to be just a passer-by in his life.

But why couldn't he just let go of her in his heart?

After a long time, Steven came back with a glass of orange juice in his hand. "I'm sorry to keep you waiting. I don't have fresh juice here, so I went downstairs to buy some."

Carla noticed that Steven had added two more coats to make himself look less skinny. The smile on his handsome and pale face was still gentle.

She took a sip of the orange juice he offered with an unsure heart.

She placed the glass down. She held his arm gently and tried to lead him towards the door.

"Steven, come back with me."

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