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   Chapter 1042 Sally's Feelings For Sean

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In the evening, Terence, Sean, and Adonis went to the third floor.

Carla blew out a loud breath. She had just finished talking over the phone. She had to return to Yu Sea City the next day.

During the past three years, Carla had been traveling back and forth between JA City and Yu Sea City. She would spend the first half of the month in Yu Sea City and the other half in JA City, unless there was any unexpected work that she needed to attend to. Although her work was exhausting, she was left with no choice. She was the matriarch of Yu Sea City and she couldn't dodge her responsibilities.

She juggled taking care of her family and the people of Yu Sea City.

By the time the three came downstairs, it was already 11 o'clock at night.

Adonis was exhausted and had fallen asleep on the chair. Sean carried him in his arms and placed him on the bed in his room.

Sean went back to his own room after tucking the boy in.

He was tired and was about to take a shower before going to bed. When Sean turned around to grab his towel, he saw Sally standing by the door, holding her favorite doll in her arms.

"Little girl, why didn't you go back to your room to sleep?"

Sean buttoned his shirt and knelt down before her.

"Uncle Sean, do you still remember your promise?" Sally asked. Her big eyes were staring at Sean who stood up and plopped on the chair.

"What did I promise you?"

Sean knitted his eyebrows and wondered what he had promised her. He slipped in his night slippers and rested his back on the chair.

"You promised that you wouldn't fall in love with anyone until you turned thirty. You've forgotten your promise already!"

Sally hoisted herself on his lap.

Sean clicked his tongue as he finally remembered his promise. It was a long time ago. He had agreed with Sally only to make her feel better. "Little girl, you still remember it!" he said, frowning. Sean didn't expect Sally to remember it after all this time. "Listen to me, you are too young. You should study well and not think about unnecessary things."

"I know I'm still young. B

Carla tried to hold back the laughter when seeing his excited face. Terence had turned into a sex monster. He hated that Carla was away from him for a long time. He missed her and hated sending her back to Yu Sea City. So to make up for the lost time, he would make love to his wife almost every other day.

"You can paint a picture of what we are about to do." Terence smirked and brushed his nose against hers.

Carla pursed her lips and pretended to think. "Umm ... I think that's a great idea. I'm going to start working on it right away."

Terence burst into laughter. "Good, but you need to make sure to keep it away from our children's eyes."

Carla chuckled and wrapped her arms around his neck.

Terence turned off the light and pulled her into his arms.

Few days later, atop Wang Village in Yu Sea City, Carla stretched herself and walked to the window. The scenic beauty of the spring evening caught her attention. She could see the entire Yu Sea City from here. It was a breathtaking view.

It had been a few days since she had returned from JA City. Although she had appointed people to lessen her burden, she still felt exhausted after work.

Andrea helped her from time to time. But after Arthur's death, she had been spending most of her time in HA City

A servant knocked on the door and stepped in.

"Your Majesty, someone's waiting outside to see you."

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