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   Chapter 1041 Three Years Later

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It had been six months since Carla had met Sean. He had grown into a handsome man.

Carla didn't imagine that she would see him this way. He was taller and his stubble was visible now. Sean was not her little brother anymore.

Terence shoved a lollipop into Sally's mouth to stop her from calling Sean. Otherwise, everyone would find out the purpose of their visit.

They had to be low key.

Carla's heart ached when she found out about Sean's intense training. Her little brother was working so hard.

Carla was not just Sean's older sister. She had been like a mother who worked hard to bring him up. Although she was proud of her brother, her heart broke when she saw him sweat and struggle on the training ground.

After the training, Sean walked over. He was soaked in sweat and was gasping for breath.

"Uncle Sean!"

Sally threw herself into Sean's arms and burst into tears.

"Sally, you are a big girl now. You shouldn't cry. Lift your head and let me have a look at your pretty face."

"I'm only five years old!"

Sally pouted.

Sean shook his head and smiled. He shifted his gaze to look at Carla who stood behind Sally. He dropped her down and walked to his sister.

"Carla, why are you here? Your clothes..." Sean trailed off as he eyed Carla up and down.

Sean had been in the army and Terence didn't update him on what had been happening to Carla. He didn't want to distract him.

"Well, I missed you, so I decided to come and see you. And about my looks ... I'll tell you everything in detail when the right time comes." Carla smiled at him as her heart swelled with pride.

She wished that her parents were still alive to see how successful their little boy had become. They would have been proud of him. Her eyes glistened with tears. She couldn't cope with the range of emotions she was experiencing.

Sean looked at Carla's face, trying to read her expression. "Carla, I'm so sorry. I always make you worry about me." He stepped forward and pulled her into a tight embrace. "But I'm a grown-up man now. I can take care of myself. A few years from now, I will be able to protect you and our family as well," he said, kissing the top of her

see the love letter our son has received? That girl has excellent handwriting."

"Really?" Carla asked, looking at Adonis. "Bring her home. I want to see if she is as smart as you are."

She smiled and wiped her mouth.

Adonis's mouth fell open in shock as he stared at his parents. He thought that they were crazy.

Carla looked at Sean who was leaning against the doorframe. "Sean, come and sit here! Don't bother about what Sally said. You can date anyone as long as you're not distracted. I've got your back."

Carla understood adolescent love. She had been through that phase.

She felt that it was normal for Sean to be curious about love and explore his interests.

"Carla, she is just exaggerating. A female soldier walked into my room to drop some files when I was chatting with Sally. She's making a big deal out of nothing." Sean rolled his eyes and sat down.

"I see,"

Carla said, disappointed.

"Okay, It's time to eat. Sean, let's go upstairs and practice later," Terence said, grinning happily. But his smile faded when he saw Sally breathing a sigh of relief. He wondered what was going on in his little girl's mind.

"Okay!" Sean nodded happily. He was as excited as Terence was. Although he had many people in the army whom he could compare notes with, Terence was by far his favorite opponent.

Adonis gobbled his food up. Although he was a little boy, he couldn't wait to see his father and uncle compare notes.

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