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   Chapter 1040 Visiting Sean

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It was early in the morning at the Seaview Villa.

Sally was already waiting for Terence and Carla at the gate.

Sophie was also there, with Adonis in her arms.



Sally ran to Terence excitedly and jumped into his arms, cheering, "Dad, you're finally home. I've missed you so much!"

Sally wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him happily on his cheek.

Terence was happy to be back home and see his children again. He relished in his daughter's sweetness as he held her in his arms. Sally giggled delightfully as he spun her around in circles.

With a big smile, Carla walked to Sophie and held Adonis in her arms.

In the blink of an eye, Adonis was already seven months old. He had grown bigger in her absence. Upon seeing Carla, he made adorable babbling sounds and waved his hands happily. Carla was almost moved to tears.


Sally got off from her father and ran to hug Carla.

"Honey, I missed you so much!" Carla squatted down and kissed her daughter's cheek. However, Adonis grabbed Sally's hair and pulled on it playfully.

"Ouch, stop doing that to me, Adonis!"

Sally pouted at his brother while complaining. Nevertheless, she gently pulled off her brother's hand from her hair.

Seeing his sister's annoyed face, Adonis giggled innocently. Sally only rolled her eyes at her brother. The two of them reminded Carla of her childhood spent with Sean.

In the evening

Terence was playing with his son in the living room. He took a look at Carla, who was talking to Sean on the phone, and then at Sally, who was listening to her mother intently.

A few moments later, Carla hung up and sat on the sofa.

Sally ran to Carla and sat next to her.

Both of them looked lost in thought like two peas in a pod.

"Mommy, I miss Uncle Sean. I want to see him..."

But Carla didn't answer Sally. Instead, both of them turned to look at Terence expectantly.

Terence was playing with his son. When he felt Carla and Sally's gaze, he ignored them and said to Adonis, "Let's go upstairs, Adonis. Let's go watch Uncle Nathan boxing…"

Terence wanted Adonis to grow up to be a strong boy. He decided to cultivate his son's interest in martial arts from a very young age, just like what his father did to him when he was a child.



Carla and Sally shouted in unison.

he anxiety in her face turned into a big smile.

She couldn't wait to see her uncle!

"Well, Terence, you are such a secret keeper. You married the eldest granddaughter of the Yu clan? How come I never heard about this?"

One of Terence's old friends who was now a ranked officer patted his shoulder and teased him.

Before, he only knew that Terence married the daughter of the Hua family. He never thought that his wife would be the head of the Yu clan. It really surprised him.

"But that's even better. In the future, we will be closer to the Yu family. Yu Sea City has always been very exclusive. Except for necessary transactions, they seldom contact us. From now on, you can be our middle man."

Terence chuckled and said, "I can't guarantee you that, bro. There is a lot of issues to talk about. I don't know whether she will agree."

"Ha ha, look at you. This is the first time that I hear that you can't handle something."

Terence's friend burst into laughter.

On the other hand, Carla found herself very nervous. It was her first time to be treated in such a formal manner. Furthermore, it was not because of Terence, but her.

It was the first time that everyone's attention was on her and all people present were staring at her. It was a little bit overwhelming.

Looking at the neatly lined soldiers who were standing in rows in their green uniforms, Carla felt mesmerized. Each soldier stood upright with an assertive and rigid posture.

Carla inspected the squad for Sean. When she spotted him, she smiled brightly like a sunflower.

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