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   Chapter 1038 Couldn't Give What He Wanted

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9917

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In JA City, near the western part of the outskirts, Carla busied herself riding horses on the farm. This particular area in the city suburbs was known for its high quality breeding of prize winning horses, and she grew fond of it. Except for horse racing, she found the time in her busy schedule to ride horses as part of her leisure activities.

Satisfied after riding a few laps, she enthusiastically got off the horse.

Terence brought her here to have fun even though he still had pressing matters to attend to. In addition to overseeing the actual implementation of new projects, he had intended to expand into real estate to push and promote the development of the western region.

Tired of riding, Carla then decided to just walk around the amusement park area. Behind her, Rainer was following closely.

Lately. it was indeed a rare occasion for her to be in JA City. So when the opportunity presented itself, she took the time off and even generously gave Carol a holiday. Like her, Carol also needed a well-deserved vacation. She should be spending some sweet moments with Nathan now.

At the current stage of Carol and Nathan's relationship, Carla felt that Nathan should seriously consider taking it a step further.

Because what she genuinely wanted, for the two brothers, Rainer and Nathan were to find their respective true loves.

"Rainer, the girl who was with you on Lover Island last time, have you kept in touch with her?" Out of the blue, Carla posed a question for Rainer while walking around.

She briefly paused as she expected a response from him. She couldn't help remembering how Terence personally tried to help a few couples get together. Like Brian and Debra, who often bantered with each other, but eventually fell head over heels in love with one another.

Nathan and Carol also seemed to be a natural pair since they were so much in love and inseparable.

'Except...' Carla frowned, saddened with the reality that not all were fortunate to find their other halves, just like Steven. And of course, there was still Rainer, who also belonged in the list of bachelors she knew.

"We haven't had a personal talk like this in a long time. You know me well. I mean, you are not oblivious to my temperament. I am emotionally stupid, and most girls can't stand me,"

Rainer scratched his head as he smiled sheepishly.

Carla stopped in her tracks and eyed him with worry, "You're right. Carol is such a good girl, but you have made her your sister-in-law by pushing her away. Do you seriously want to be single all your life?"

"Well, I think, people still have to believe in fate!"

Rainer blurted as he beamed at her. There was no sign of worry in his eyes.

Carla merely shook her head as she started walking again. She chose not to oppose him this time.

"Mrs. An, this area is still under construction, please be careful,"

Rainer immediately warned her, minding her safety as he stayed close.

Carla mome

iend of Mrs. An,"

Mr. Liu said, apologetically.

Last time, Steven did not hesitate to steal the surveillance camera to help Carla find Terence. Rainer hadn't forgotten about it.

So objectively speaking, Steven created such a positive and genuine impression on Rainer.

"Mrs. An, thank you for your kindness. But I have to work now,"

Steven interjected, resuming his work. But Carla unexpectedly reached out her hand and tugged on his arm as she pleaded, "Steven, please listen to me..."

"Callie, I've made up my mind to leave, which means that I have decided to give up on you. I know you so well. If any of your friends were in my shoes and fell into such a miserable situation, you wouldn't hesitate to offer a helping hand."

And he threw a glance at her hand, which was still gripping his arm. Then he interrupted her, "But you know this is not what I want."

Steven merely smiled at her and slowly broke free from her grip, "If it is just for sympathy, I don't want to go back.

Besides, I'm doing very well now. There is nothing wrong with being an ordinary person. If I can't paint, I can do something else. I'm a man, and I will put my life back together."

Steven exclaimed with firm persistence as he continued to paint the wall. He refused to look at her. At this moment, he only wanted to hide the bitter desolation in his eyes and not to say anything more.

Carla could only gaze at his back in a daze. It made her feel so sad. However, she suddenly realized that she was being too innocent and naive.

And she must admit that she could give him nothing at all.

The Yu Clan was notably wealthy. If he went back, he could live the rest of his life loaded with a large amount of wealth and enjoy much power. And without a doubt, he would be respected everywhere.

But none of these was what he wanted. These remained unimportant to him.

If he couldn't get what he wanted, what was the point of going back to Yu Sea City with her?

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