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   Chapter 1037 'Exercise' Is Good For Sleeping

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"Terence, I want to take some time to go to BT Village to visit Cathy and Duke," said Carla.

It had been a long time since she had last visited them, and she felt pretty bad about it.

"Sure. Why not? The construction work has already begun, and even though it will take a few years until the project is finished, it won't seem like a long time. Once that happens, we will have more time to visit them,"

Terence said as he caressed her hair.

After a while, Carla got up from his lap and said with a gentle voice, "Terence, I really hope that you won't take what Brian said just now to heart..."

Terence turned to look at her face.

They stared at each other calmly for a moment, neither of them avoiding the other's gaze.

"Carla, you may rest assured that I won't interfere in this matter in any way. Just do whatever you want, okay?"

Terence said calmly. At the same time, he raised his hand to hold Carla's shoulder gently with a warm smile on his face.

Carla had already made it clear to him that she saw Steven as nothing more than a friend, and he was the only one she loved. Because of this, he didn't mind if Carla helped Steven anymore.

He knew for a fact that even if Carla helped him, she would only be doing so for the sake of their past friendship.

Soon, they arrived at the hospital.

Terence made his way to the examination room, and after another check up with the doctor, he was asked to stay in the hospital for two more days. If he didn't feel more pain during those two days, then he would be discharged.

"Mr. An, you are back."

Linda had been waiting at the door of the examination room. As soon as she saw Terence walking through the door, she quickly walked to him and handed him the food that she had brought for him. "I cooked dinner for my mother, but apparently, I cooked more that I should have. I thought that you might get hungry at night, so I brought it here for you. Please take it, okay?"

Terence looked at the food in her hand. He wanted to refuse, but after considering the fact that Carla was a foodie and she might get hungry in the middle of the night, he took the food from her hands and said, "Thank you, Linda. By the way, how is your mother?"

"Oh, she's much better. The doctor you hired for her is really good! Thanks for your concern. Right now, my mother is getting better day by day. The doctor even said that there is a great chance that she will make a full recovery!"

Linda said excitedly as she handed the food to Terence.

"Oh, that's great. Well, have a good rest, then,"

Terence said softly as he tur

so yummy!"

Carla complimented Linda without missing a beat.

"Ah... You are welcome."

Linda was stunned for a moment, but she bowed her head anyway and left in a hurry.

Once Linda had left, Terence stepped out of the ward as well. He put his arm around Carla's shoulder and smiled as he lovingly pinched her cheek.

"Honey, I find that you've made a lot of progress."

Carla pinched his waist playfully and looked up at him. "Is that so? Why does it sound like you're making fun of me?"

"No, I'm not. I'm obviously praising you, babe. You know what I like about you? You are a straightforward person. You are clear with what you like and what you hate, and there is never anything in between. More than that, you never hide what you truly feel in your heart just to make everyone feel comfortable,"

Terence said as he pressed his forehead to hers and gave her a quick peck on the lips with a smile.

"Well, you have made progress too. You've become more adept at flattering me." Carla giggled and rubbed his nose like what he had done to her.

"Well, that's quite true. Since you are the head of Yu Sea City now, I should behave myself more. Isn't that right? I'm pretty afraid that I'll lose your favor if you get mad at me one day."

Terence said jokingly as he raised his eyebrows and gazed at her with loving eyes.

"Well, you shouldn't worry about that. You're the only one I have. If I don't favor you, then who will sleep with me?" Carla teased back while poking him in the chest.

"Yes, you are right. The new Entertainment Club in the suburbs will open today, and you can ride your favorite horses. Let's go, my dear wife."

Then, he took her hand and started walking towards the parking lot.

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