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   Chapter 1035 Being Disgraced

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They arrived at the grand AJ Building in no time. Just opposite the building was a supermarket, which also had a cafe on the first floor.

Terence directly went to the conference room as soon as he arrived at the AJ Building. Although the meeting only lasted for two hours, Carla got bored waiting. To pass some time, she went to the cafe to have a nice cup of coffee.

She thought it would be nice to have some company so she called Violet up. "Oh, I'm so tired! Carla, next time, could you inform me sooner if you want to hang out? I rushed over so you wouldn't have to wait. Now I'm out of breath!"

Violet said, gasping for air, when she reached the cafe and saw Carla. She then sat down, took the glass of icy juice from the table in front of her friend and gulped half of it down.

Ranked as a first-tier city, JA City was both expansive and prosperous. Considering that, Violet had indeed reached the cafe quite quickly. Otherwise, it was impossible to cover that distance in 30 minutes.

"I'm so sorry, Violet. I just missed you so much."

Carla stood up and gave her a big hug with a sweet smile on her face. "I love you, sweetheart!" she said, sitting back down on her chair. "Anyway, it's my treat today! Let's go to the gaming zone after this! You can play whatever you want!" she added.

"Really? That's great!"

Violet glanced at her and exclaimed in excitement. The two finished their drinks soon and then went to the fifth floor. There was a VIP hall with a lot of indoor games. It was rather luxurious and was frequented by a lot of rich and noble people. The facilities here were also on point.

Both Carla and Violet were young mothers, but they enjoyed their lives to the fullest. Both of them had been aching for some time outdoors. Not long after they entered the game hall, all their stress had faded away.

"Violet, hit the left! Hit the left! Oh, the right! The right! They come out again from the right!"

Carla was wearing headphones while holding a game gun and playing zombie shooting games on the large screen. She looked like a little, innocent child, giggling and playing happily.

Her hair was undone as she had just washed them this morning. She was so immersed in the games that she fished for a rubber band in her bag and tied her hair up in a high ponytail. She rolled her sleeves up and stared at the screen attentively.

She had stayed in Yu Sea City for a long time. Every time she went out she would meet people behaving politely and respectfully, so she had to pretend to be serious all the time and put on the face of a calm leader. It was just too tiring!

Finally, she was back! She needed to seize this opportunity and release her suppressed emotions!

"You are awesome, Carla! How come I never knew you are s

nfusion. "What's happening? You always hated things like these, right? What's wrong with you?"

Carla stopped near a window, took a deep breath and slowly closed her eyes, forcing herself to calm down.

She remembered that Steven had gotten into big trouble because of her 'help' last time.

She could help him this time, but she was afraid of the consequences.

Steven had taken a long time to get over her, and now they had no connection whatsoever. Was it wise for her to approach him deliberately after all this time?

Although the Su family was in trouble now, he was Gary's son and had to take responsibility to save his family. No matter what, it was better for him to stay here than in Yu Sea City.

"Violet, please go and inform the manager of this gaming zone that some guests are fighting and they have disturbed other guests. He needs to come and handle this!"

Carla said at last, after taking a few deep breaths.

Violet nodded and went to the lobby to look for the manager.

Violet was also Mrs. Qi. So as soon as she showed her identity, the manager hurriedly went over to mediate the dispute at once.

Carla looked at Steven from afar. But now that he was in a different status, those who respected him before almost changed their attitude towards him. The lobby manager kept bowing and apologizing to Mance all the time, even though he was the one wreaking havoc in the first place.

The manager tried to pacify Mance for a long time, after which he finally left the premises.

Steven didn't rush to leave even after Mance was out of sight.

Steven seldom smoked, but he reached for the pack of cigarettes in his pocket and lit one clumsily. A trace of sadness appeared in his deep, amber-colored eyes.

From the corner of his eyes, he noticed that someone standing at a distance was watching him intently.

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