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   Chapter 1033 Callie, I Don't Want To Leave You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Changdu Characters: 9689

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Steven paused for a moment. He walked up to Carla and smiled bitterly. "Okay, Callie, I will leave. Stop pressuring yourself."

He pulled a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped the tears that were streaming down her face.

"But, Callie..."

Steven's voice choked with emotion. He stepped forward and pulled her into his arms.

"I don't want to leave you."

He rested his head on her shoulder and inhaled her sweet fragrance. "I gave up my dignity and put up with Lucia's tortures only to be with you. I thought that I could sweep you off your feet one day.

But now I realize that no matter what I do, I will never have you in my life. You don't have a place for me in your heart, do you, Callie?"

Steven stared at Carla as tears welled in his eyes.

He blinked his eyes a couple of times to stop the tears from falling. "I don't blame you. It's not your fault. I'm stupid. I can't stop loving you. I shouldn't have met you in the first place. Gosh..." He groaned as if someone had taken his most prized possession away from him.

Carla took a deep breath and held his shoulders. "What's done is done. We should pick ourselves up and move on.

Steven, you can find a new place to start over. Find yourself a new job and start a new life. The new atmosphere and people will take your mind off the things that are bothering you. You will forget me before you know it. Time will change everything, trust me."

Steven averted his gaze and nodded.

The next day, Arthur's health seemed to be getting better. He was glad to have everyone around and was chatting with them happily. However, everyone knew that their happiness wouldn't last long. It was just a momentary recovery before he finally departed from this world. So they treasured every second they had with him.

Andrea and Sally spent most of their time with Arthur. Sally was telling him stories and making small craft works for him. She had no idea that her great-grandfather was dying.

Andrea was crying in a corner. She didn't have the strength to let go of her father. She had just reunited with him after a long time and never thought that she would bid goodbye to him this soon.

Later on, Eleanor walked in and everyone else in the room left.

It was midnight when the people outside heard a piercing scream from the room.

Arthur had slipped into a permanent sleep. It was a peaceful death.

Sadness prevailed in Wang Village and the entire Yu Sea City.

Even the sky was weeping for his death. There was a heavy downpour and it didn't stop raining until the funeral was over.

After Arthur's funeral, Eleanor appointed Carla as the new head of the Yu Clan. She also ordered the four districts to support her.

She handed the power over to Carla and left for the countryside.

Although Dorothy and Lori were utterly devastated, they had no choice but to accept their fate.

Arthur had just die

finished all my work just to be with you. Doesn't that prove my capability?

Well, stop worrying about me and start taking care of yourself. I want my healthy and strong Terence back!" She ruffled his hair and pouted.

"Yes, , ma'am!" Terence said.

Carla's heart skipped a beat when she saw Terence's handsome face. She had missed him a lot. She leaned forward and pressed her lips against his. She quickly pulled away and smacked her head when she remembered something. "God, I almost forgot. I got you something from Yu Sea City but I left it in the car.

Wait a minute. I will ask Carol to get it."

She had been too excited to see him that she had forgotten to bring the gift with her.

Carla quickly left the ward to look for Carol. But Carol wasn't at the door.

Only Rainer was sauntering across the hallway. Carla decided to get the gift herself. She guessed that Carol might have gone out with Nathan. She hardly got the chance to see Nathan and had missed him a lot.

Carla got into the elevator. Just when the door was about to close, Linda walked in.

"Linda, right? Hi, I'm Carla, Terence's wife. Have you brought your mother to the hospital?"

Carla asked, smiling at her. She was grateful to Linda for taking care of her husband when she wasn't around.


Linda replied indifferently and turned away.

Carla was confused. She wondered why Linda was giving her a cold shoulder.

There was an awkward silence as neither of them spoke.

When Carla was about to get off the elevator, Linda finally opened her mouth, "Mrs. An, looks like you're busy in your own world. I have been here for the past few weeks but not once have you dropped by to check on Mr. An. Do you know what he's been going through? He has been having horrible headaches every single night. The poor man struggles to fall asleep. Where have you been all this time? Shouldn't you be by his side, taking care of him?"

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