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   Chapter 1031 Grandpa's Serious Illness (Part one)

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Carla looked in the direction Carol was pointing to.

The morning sunshine was dazzling in the hallway. Steven was leaning against the wall, in front of the window. The bright beam of light bounced off his face as his eyes stared at a distance, lost in thought.

"Why are you here?"

Carla asked as she walked towards him.

Steven turned to look at her. His usual sweet smile graced his lips. "I have an important work at Yu Sea City, so I need to go home now. You stay back here until everything is settled."

"What? Do you still want to go back to Yu Sea City after everything that has happened?"

Carla asked. Her eyes widened with shock.

"Callie, I remember everything that I've promised you and I always keep up my promises." He smiled. "Moreover, Yu Sea City needs me now. Who will help you out if I don't go there?"

If leaving everything behind was easy, Steven would have left a long time ago.

An involuntary smile crept on her lips. Although they were old shoes, they managed to look speckless and shiny, just like Steven was. Despite all the trials and tribulations, Steven managed to shine like a flawless, unadulterated diamond.

"Steven, stop thinking about me. You need to think about yourself too," she said, shaking her head fiercely.

Steven would always have things to deal with. This wouldn't end. Steven had already risked his life to help Carla and she didn't want to be a burden to him anymore.

Moreover, Steven's father Gary despised her. He had fought with his father time and time again because of her.

She didn't want to cause a rift in their relationship.

"Callie, I apologize to you on behalf of my father. I'm really sorry for what he has done to you and Mr. An. You can sue him if you want. Don't worry about me. I won't stop you. He has gone too far and he needs to pay for it. I will neither blame you nor Mr. An for anything."

Steven smiled apologetically.

Carla was already going through a lot and he didn't want to pressure her. He wanted to be there for her and lessen her burdens.

"Steven. You... "

Carla wanted to ask him to leave, to stop helping her. She wanted to thank him for all his favors but she bit her lip and swallowed the words.

"Callie, do you really want me to leave?"

Steven had guessed what Carla was thinking and smiled bitterly.

"I'll go back to Yu Sea City and check on Sir Arthur. I just want to see how he is doing. Don't worry. I won't stay longer than I need to. I will leave after that." Carla nodded.

"Callie, take good car


An eerie silence filled the entire Wang Village.

Carla held Sally's stubby hand and walked down the hallway. Sally's little eyes searched for Arthur as she peered at her surroundings. "Mommy, when can I see great-grandpa?" she asked, tugging Carla's hand.

It hadn't been long since Sally and Arthur had met. She clearly remembered where she first saw her great grandfather.

"Very soon." Carla stopped and kneeled down next to her. "Sally, do you remember what Mommy told you?"

"Don't worry, Mommy. I remember everything," Sally answered.

A couple of minutes later, the two of them arrived at Arthur's yard.

Arthur liked to plant flowers, but it was off-season and the leaves had withered, making the yard look dry and lifeless.

"Callie, you are here?"

Steven's eyes widened with shock. He was surprised to see Carla. He hadn't told her about Arthur's health. He wanted her to spend more time with Terence.

But he never expected that Arthur's health would deteriorate quickly.

"How is Grandpa doing?"

Carla asked as she glanced at the quiet room. She wanted to be prepared for anything.

She didn't have the heart to see her grandfather in his deathbed.

Life was always unpredictable. Illness could strike anyone without warning.

"He's fine, but he isn't able to eat anything. He misses you. He's been murmuring your name all the time. Go inside. He will be happy to see you,"

Steven said as he shifted his gaze to look at Sally. He bent down and smiled at her. "Sally, your great grandfather wants to talk with your Mommy. Would you like to come with Uncle Steven to water the flowers? Let's give them some time to talk. What do you say?"

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