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   Chapter 1029 I Just Want To Take A Shower

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9126

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"Well, don't cry. I'll take your mother to JA City, and find the best doctor for her. Everything will be fine,"

Terence comforted Linda while he patted her on the shoulder. He understood that it was not easy for her to take on the family responsibilities at such a young age.

Now that he happened to meet her, he would help her in any way he could, whether she had saved him or not. It didn't matter to him.

"Call me at any time if you go there,"

Terence assured her once more before he turned around and walked outside.

Linda bit her lower lip, silently watching him, affectionately holding Carla's hand as they left her yard together. There was an unexplainable knot in her heart. But then, she suddenly recalled the paper with Terrence's phone number written on it. And without thinking much, she hastily went to look for it on the table.

A warm feeling surged in her heart as she stared blankly at the piece of paper she held tightly in her hand.

"Mr. An!"

"Mr. An!"

Both Nathan and Rainer greeted Terence excitedly. They eagerly rushed to him the moment they saw him emerge from the yard.

Blessed with a soft heart, Rainer unknowingly shed tears as he spoke, "Mr. An, do you know we are almost driven crazy with worry? You were by yourself at that time, so we didn't know whether you were safe or not. We were so worried about you!"

"Come on. Stop crying. Everything is fine with Mr. An,"

Nathan chuckled, peering at his brother, who was actually sobbing.

"Terence, what's the matter?"

Carla asked softly. She sounded both worried and alarmed. She stood beside him all this time, keenly observing him when she began to notice his face became a little pale. Terrence's brows were slightly furrowed as if he was suppressing something.

"Mrs. An, please help Mr. An get in the car,"

Nathan suggested in earnest. He hurriedly ran to the car and opened the passenger door.

Carla followed and carefully supported Terence into the car.

Seeing him clenching his fists in pain, Carla felt her heart throb as she scanned his face anxiously. She lovingly wrapped her arms around his head as she held him close to her, "Terence, tell me. What's wrong? Do you have a headache?"

Terence merely wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his head in her arms. He said nothing but he was gasping for air.

"We must do something! Nathan, search for the nearest pharmacy and go buy a box of painkillers first!"

Carla promptly instructed Nathan. She was gently running her fingers across Terence's head, comforting him. They were currently on the outskirts of the city, and it would seriously take them some time before they could get some medicine. Carla was now feeling helpless, and s

eadaches seemed to get worse.

After a thorough examination, the doctor concluded that there were remnants of sedative left in Terence's body, which resulted in various abnormalities. The sedative had stimulated the nerves in his brain, making him suffer mood swings and causing him severe headaches.

At night.

In the ward.

Edmund felt much better after seeing Terence safe and sound. Besides, Kaylee took good care of him, so he had almost recovered.

After bidding goodbye to Edmund, Carla escorted Terence back to his bed in the ward, so he could also have a rest.

"Terence, do you need to use the restroom? The doctor said that you will need five to six bottles of intravenous infusion,"

Carla reminded him as she poured a cup of hot water for him. She was about to hand him the cup, only to find that he was casually taking off his clothes.

"What...What are you doing?"

Carla found herself babbling in surprise. She dazedly watched Terence removing his shirt, showing his perfect abs. When she snapped back to her senses, she then locked the door immediately, in case the nurse came in all of a sudden.

Terence was about to unfasten his belt when he noticed Carla approaching him.

And like him, Carla quickly took off her coat and threw it aside before reaching for the hem of her shirt.

Terrence raised his eyebrows and gazed at the woman who was undressing and getting naked in front of him. Long before he could speak, she inched towards him a little closer.

Carla stood on tiptoe and lovingly wrapped his neck with her arms, "Hurry up,"

she urged under her breath and started kissing his Adam's apple, then savoring his thin lips.

"Carla, I just want to take a shower,"

Terence uttered, arching his eyebrows, looking at the completely naked woman in front of him.

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