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   Chapter 1027 Missed Each Other

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8189

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"Then, will you tell me your name, sir?"

Linda asked curiously as she took the bowl from him.

"My family name is An,"

Terence replied briefly. Avoiding eye contact with Linda, he chose to focus his gaze on the ring on his left hand which was testament to his marriage with Carla. He didn't know whether Linda had noticed the ring.

Terrence's gloomy expression did not escape Linda. "Oh, Mr. An, please get some rest. Stay as long as you need. You can leave when you get better."

Linda gave him one final look before walking out with the bowl in her hands.

She had just walked out of the room and was about to close the door when she heard a knock on the main entrance. She put the bowl down on the windowsill and walked towards the door.

"Who is it?" Linda shouted.

It was already very dark outside. She wouldn't usually receive visitors at this time. She wondered who it could be.

With a squeak, the door opened and showed two tall men who looked alike.

Linda's brows were furrowed as she inspected the two men in front of her. They looked almost the same. Finally, she asked with a polite voice, "May I help you?"

One of the men stepped forward by half a step to talk to her. "Yes, have you seen a man about 6 feet tall? I have his photo with me. Please look at it carefully."

The man handed the photo to Linda. Her heart began to beat rapidly when she recognized the man in the photo. She hesitated for a second, but she shook her head and returned the photo.

"No, I haven't." She gave them an apologetic look.

Nathan and Rainer looked at each other. With downcast eyes, Nathan nodded politely. "Sorry for bothering you." Both of them left immediately after that.

Carla was waiting some distance away from Linda's house. As soon as she saw Nathan and Rainer walking towards her, her hopes went up. However, she could tell from their stance that Terrence was still nowhere to be found. Disappointment and worry came flooding back to her when she saw them shaking their heads at her.

"Mrs. An, don't give up. I heard that there are several more houses around here. How about we go to that one up ahead?"

Carol came over to Carla to cheer her up.

She wasn't sure whether Terence really came here or not. Everyone they had asked had never seen him.

They began to walk towards the house that Carol pointed to. Meanwhile, Carla looked back at the strange, old house that Rainer and Nathan had just gone

eally need to see a doctor. How about I take you to see the one we have in this village?"

Linda suggested with a wince while massaging her back.

Terence looked outside guiltily and shook his head. "No that's not necessary. I'll receive a physical examination after I get home."

He knew that he needed a thorough check-up at a hospital soon. Even if the village doctor were to examine him, it would be useless because this village couldn't possibly have the latest and most effective laboratory equipment and treatment facilities.

-- "Mr. An, I mean... It's dangerous for you to go out now! Two strange men came looking for you last night. What if you run into them outside?"

Linda shook her head strongly. Her eyes were filled with worry.

"What did you say? Someone came to find me last night?"

Terence asked with a frown.

She nodded in confirmation and replied, "Yes, I didn't know if they were on your side or not, so I didn't tell them that you were here."

"What did they look like?" Terence asked nervously.

"Well, they seemed to be twins. They looked alike and were about the same height," Linda replied carefully after thinking for a moment. It was already dark last night, so she was not able to see the faces of the two men clearly. She only remembered them vaguely.

"Nathan, Rainer..."

Terence mumbled subconsciously after hearing the description.

"Oh, you know them. I'm sorry, I should have let them in," Linda said regretfully, casting a furtive glance at him. "They probably have already left."

All of a sudden, they heard a knock on the door again.

"Is anyone here? Hello?"

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