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   Chapter 1015 Your Grandpa Is Biased Towards Steven

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Arthur shook his head and explained, "We are not done discussing it. There's a lot to be clarified before a decision can be made."

"Well... What about the matriarch? What does she think about it?"

Terence asked, raising his eyebrows. The decision wasn't an easy one, but it would simplify things if the matriarch took a stand.

Arthur caressed his white beard, and with a heavy heart, he said, "I don't really know what she's thinking. Even though I've spent most of my life with her, I still haven't figured her out completely.

Yet, I know for sure that she's in favor of Callie becoming the matriarch. I just can't understand why she hesitated,"

he concluded, but his tone suggested there was something more to it.

After taking a sip of his tea, Terence looked up at Arthur. "Do I have anything to do with it?"

Arthur froze for an instant, but quickly shook his head and tried to dodge the question. "It's... That's not it. Terence, don't overthink this."

"Grandpa, you said it yourself. You've been by the patriarch's side for so many years, and I'm positive that you know what she thinks about this matter. The An Family is powerful. Is she afraid that I might one day take charge of the Yu Clan?"

Terence calmly asked.

"Terence, I'm not quite sure about that. But Eleanor is naturally suspicious. I wouldn't doubt this thought had crossed her mind." Arthur sighed and then added, "Eleanor is not fond of men that are too powerful. During all these years, I've kept my distance from the clan affairs the most that I could, just focusing on my life instead."

Immediately, Terence lowered his head and began playing with the cup in his hands.

"Terence, I know how influential the An Family is and how you've been raised to be the strong man you are today. But in the end, you've got married to a girl from Yu Sea City. What I'm trying to ask you is... Could you compromise your strength for her sake?"

Terence remained silent, so Arthur gently went on, "I know this is not easy for you, but it's the best way to end Eleanor's suspicions for now."

Laying carefully down the cup on the table, Terence scoffed, "I believe I've compromised enough.

Since Carla came to Yu Sea City, I've kept my distance except for when she was in trouble. I also haven't said a word about her taking risks and minding her own business in this city. I hav

llowing me to stay with Carla. As for the future, no one can predict what it has in store, right?"

Arthur burst into laughter due to Steven's words. "I'm surprised with your way of thinking.

But you're right. As long as you're with Callie, you will have better chances of changing the outcome. After all, who knows what the future holds?"

Arthur smiled until he became serious again. "But are you really sure you don't want to have any children for the rest of your life? You are the only child of the Su Family."

If Steven never had an heir of his own, he would condemn his family's bloodline.

"I'm not concerned with this now. If I decide to have children someday, I can adopt one and give him or her my family name,"

Steven stated, his voice flat.

He was aware this decision would hurt his father, but he didn't want to do what he didn't want to do.

Everyone had the right to lead their paths in ways that suit them best.

Meanwhile, in the east yard, Carla remained in the house.

The farthest that she went that day was the kitchen. She had decided to cook while Terence was still out.

Just when she was thinking about him, she turned slightly and, out of the corner of her eye, noticed that he was back.

Then, she wiped her hands on the apron and closed the distance between them.

"You are back. Why do you look so upset? Did something go wrong at Grandpa's?"

Terence's face became sullen when he said, "Carla, your grandpa is biased towards Steven."

"What? Why do you say that? What happened?"

Carla asked, frowning in confusion.

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