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   Chapter 1007 Birthday Party (Part Three)

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Lucia called out to Steven when she heard what her grandmother had said. There was anxiety in her voice.

Carla, who watched the events unfold before her, said nothing the entire time. She kept her eyes on the cake before her as much as she could and slowly ate.

"Callie, would you like to say anything?"

Andrea suddenly said as she turned to Carla. She knew how important it was because for all they knew, this could be Steven's only chance to escape.

If he stayed with Lucia, he probably would never have the chance to leave Yu Sea City and see the rest of the world.

Carla took a deep breath as she shook off the crumbs of cake from her hands. She then turned calmly to Steven.

Everyone's eyes were fixed on Steven. They all stopped what they were doing and made sure that their full attention was focused on the little drama that was unfolding before them.

The story of Steven had spread in Yu Sea City through whispered conversations. Men considered him a legend for being brave enough to openly go against Lucia.

But what garnered the most attention was his relationship with both Lucia and Carla.

Everyone in the city was dying to know who Steven would choose.

Everyone was eager to find out how the story would be concluded. They all leaned forward, listening closely to what Steven would say. Whomever Steven would choose, everyone was convinced that he would bring prosperity to Yu Sea City. Some married couples even prayed to be blessed with a baby like Steven, talented and handsome.

After a long moment of silence, Steven moved his lips and slowly spoke, "It has been a long journey since I came to Yu Sea City.

Everything has changed. Nothing has remained the same, except for one. There is one thing that has never changed..."

He felt tired of the things that he was forced to do or say lately. He didn't want to keep his true feelings hidden any longer.

Life was simply too short for pretensions.

All he wanted was to spend the rest of his life with the person that he truly loved.

Eleanor and Arthur looked at each other and then nodded. Eleanor then gestured to a servant who immediately approached her and then bowed, ready to receive her orders. "You, go and clean the East Yard for Mr. Su," she ordered in a hurried voice. The servant immediately went off to perform the matriarch's bidding. Eleanor then turned to everyone else who were gathered there. "I hereby announce that Steven is Carla's husband and that he will move to the East Yard effective today!"


Lucia exclaimed in utter frustration.

"Lucia, nothing forcibly taken will ever be agreeable,"

Eleanor snapped impatiently at Lucia.

Even though Steven had not voiced out his feelings yet,

elt so ashamed of her daughter's actions.

Lucia's face was red with anger, but she didn't dare say anything more.

"Okay, everyone, calm down. They are just kids. Don't make a big deal of it. Queen Eleanor, please don't take it too seriously. Lucia indeed was wrong, but I believe her intentions was pure. She just wanted to make you happy,"

Adrian explained, trying to justify Lucia's actions.

"But isn't it wrong to let Callie live in Wang Village?"

Justifying Lucia's actions may be Adrian's initial objective for speaking up, but protesting the decision to let Carla live in Wang Village was his true intention.

According to the laws of Yu Sea City, only the heir to the matriarchy could be allowed to live in the Wang Village.

"Adrian, Callie is the eldest granddaughter of the Yu family. I don't see any problem in letting her stay there,"

Arthur replied to Adrian in a calm tone. Eleanor remained silent and merely listened to them.

"That's not right, of course. Andrea gave up her right to the matriarchy. She and her daughter have lost the right to inherit it. If someone should move in, then it should be Lucia,"

Adrian explained with a serious look.

"Adrian, we really can't be sure about that. Only Eleanor and the four district heads have the right to decide who could claim the position as the next matriarch. It's really not up to us,"

Arthur replied with a smile as he stroked his beard.

"You are right. Let's all listen to their opinions, then!" Adrian replied as he threw a glance at the head of one of the districts who was then seated at the other end of the hall.

Even if he couldn't make Steven stay, he made sure to get the agreement of two district leaders to side with Lucia.

Whatever happened today, he knew that he had to force Eleanor to appoint a new matriarch!

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