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   Chapter 1002 Happy Times At The Seaview Villa

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"What did you say? I didn't hear it clearly,"

Terence teased with a delightful chuckle.


"Yes! That's enough. You are my wife. You don't need to pay. It's my duty,"

Terence interrupted, beaming at Carla. He stretched out his arms and lovingly put them around her waist, firmly holding her. "My dear wife, it's my pleasure.

I'm happy to do it! Come on! Let's go do something fun to spice up our relationship..."

Carla was almost out of breath from his bear hug. He didn't even budge when she helplessly struggled to get away from his long arms. She giggled, "Honey, but I want to go home and cook for you, and take care of the kids."

Now she realized that the simplest and most profound happiness lay in the most ordinary things in life, including this sweet and spontaneous moment together with him.

Happiness didn't necessarily come from luxury or romantic rituals.

Terence, who was about to get in the car, found her words comforting. He couldn't help but grin at her.

"Good idea! I respect your decision. But first, let's go to the supermarket for groceries, then go home and cook together. What do you think?"

"Sounds good to me!" Carla nodded, still smiling at him sweetly.

Soon after, they were done gathering the ingredients for the dinner that they were going to make. With their hearts still on cloud nine, they headed back to Seaview Villa.

Carla went directly up the stairs to change clothes. Afterward, she busied herself in the kitchen.

She had allowed Sophie and all the other servants to take a few days off. She had come up with a plan to do everything on her own in the coming days, and to be a good wife and mother.

Shortly after, Terence followed her in the kitchen. He had meant to help her, but he was ordered by Carla instead to take care of Adonis in the living room.

Carla was momentarily distracted when she heard a shrill giggle.

Carla couldn't help curling her lips into a smile, hearing both her son and husband's laughter from the other room. Listening to the beautiful noise they made together, she felt immensely happy.

Shaking her head in amusement, she eagerly rolled up her sleeves and soon busied herself cooking.

Carla was so engrossed in what she was doing that she didn't know, she was being watched. Feeling something amiss, she looked up. She instinctively let out a gentle smile as she spotted Terence standing by the doorway. He was holding Adonis in his arms, and both were looking at her. Her son was about four months old now.

"Honey, do you think we are handsome?"

Terence tenderly asked Carla. She couldn't help admiring the two when she noticed that Terence dressed their son in a suit. They closely resembled each other, donning the parent-child coordinated clothes. Indeed, they looked so adorable.

Except that one was an adult and the other was still a baby.

"Of course, my son is very han

hwasher will be the one doing it, anyway."

She quickly spun on her heels and picked Adonis up in her arms on her way out of the dining room. She didn't even dare glance back at Terence.

"Adonis, are you hungry? Let's go. Mommy will get you some milk," she babbled.

Carla found herself mulling over the thought of why 'happy days always seemed so short'. It was as if time flew past in the blink of an eye. How she wished she could turn back time!

During the past days, except for a very short trip to HA City, Carla had stayed in Seaview Villa, taking care of Adonis and Sally. She totally relished her role as a hands-on mother to her two adorable children.

Likewise, Terence almost stayed at home with her during these times. He would only leave when there was a need for his presence in the company and when there were emergency calls about his business.

And now, her grandmother's birthday was approaching. She had to leave the next day.

Early in the morning, the husband and wife reluctantly headed for the port. Terence couldn't bear to part with her but he unwillingly had to send her back to Yu Sea City.

"Carla, remember what I told you. No matter what happens, you can't leave me,"

He reminded her, almost pleadingly, while he hugged her tightly, seemingly afraid to let her go.

Holding back the tears welling up in her eyes, Carla vehemently nodded and promised, "I won't. Never!" She was already missing him.


Terence bent over and gently kissed her on the forehead. "Go. Be careful and take care of yourself," he whispered as he stared at her lovingly, encasing her delicate face with the warmth of his palms.

Then with heavy steps, he forced himself off the ship. He gazed back at Carla and Carol and waved to them with a smile plastered on his face. Then he prompted earnestly, "Carla, Good luck!

Remember our promise.

Our kids and I will wait for you until you come back!"

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