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   Chapter 998 Terence's Confession

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Carla bore her gaze into his. She just couldn't lie to him and she didn't want to either.

She paused for a while, deep in thought. Finally, she spoke, "I've thought about this and I've also asked myself this question.

I don't think I love him. Because he doesn't make me feel the same way you do."

She knew she didn't love Steven. Only Terrence made her heart flutter.

Terence breathed a sigh of relief as beads of sweat rolled down his forehead.

Life was a gamble. He couldn't control what was going to happen and the only thing he could do was let nature take its course.

Terence knew that things wouldn't turn out so well if he pushed it too much.

Carla slowly lowered her head.

Her feelings for Steven were subtle, like the spring rain, gentle and peaceful.

At first, she only felt sympathy for him. However, as time passed by, her feelings had started to change.

She couldn't explain what it was. Her feelings were quite complex. It wasn't love nor familial affection. Steven had always been gentle and harmless towards her.

He had gradually become a part of her life in his own special way, She just couldn't identify what exactly her feelings were.

"Carla, stop thinking about it."

Terence interrupted her thoughts as he placed his hands on her shoulders. "Stop thinking about other men in front of me!"

Carla came to herself and said, "Terence, I want to leave Yu Sea City after Grandma's birthday party. I want to come home to you and the kids. I'm just going to let them do whatever they want to do."

'Just let them decide who's going to be the clan leader. I don't want to get involved anymore, ' Carla thought to herself.

"I want you to come home too." Terence fondly caressed her hair.

However, they were both adults and they both knew that they couldn't get out of this that easily.

"But Carla, things are getting complicated now. Your mother and grandfather have started to sort things out for you. Do you really think you can just get up and leave in the middle of everything?"

"Well... Aren't you scared of what might happen to me?"

Carla asked, looking up at him.

Being the matriarch was not an easy job. She was sure to encounter hu

at her rosy pink lips. Unable to resist, he placed his lips on hers. Snickering, he said, "Okay, I'll take my clothes off now and show you my body..."

Carla burst into laughter and wrapped her arms around Terence's neck and let him carry her to the bed.

They had a few rounds of lovemaking.

Feeling a little sleepy, Carla lay on Terence's chest. Then she said, "Honey, please help me look for a special present for Grandmother..."

"Okay. I can look for auctions tomorrow. Grandmother's quite old so she'll definitely want something antique. I'll keep my eyes open for something she'd like."

Terence kissed her hair and tucked her in.

Meanwhile, in Yu Village.

Under the moonlight, the building looked holier than ever.

"Young master, Miss Lucia is on her way here. What should we do?"

Victor asked Steven anxiously, who was busy drawing in the loft.

Hearing that, Steven frowned and put down the brush in his hand. "Put away the painting and make sure she doesn't see it."

This painting of the best scenery in Yu Sea City was what he had promised Arthur.

It would only mean trouble if Lucia saw it.

Victor immediately did as Steven had asked, carefully rolling the painting and leaving the wet part hanging as he hid it.

As soon as Victor put away the painting, there was a knock on the door.

In place of the painting that Steven had just hidden, he placed another one so as to dispel suspicion. He then called out, "Come in."

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