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   Chapter 997 Carla Went Back

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"I'm sick of this place. I feel lost. I want a normal life, at least for a couple of days. I need to go back home to calm down and think clearly. Most importantly, I need to find the perfect gift for my grandmother, ''

Carla said as she poured herself another glass of wine.

Eleanor would have already received all kinds of precious gifts over the years. Carla wanted to get something special and memorable for her.

Andrea was busy spending her time, catching up with old friends. Carla did not want to disturb her mother and decided to let her enjoy her time in Yu Sea City.

She decided to go back home and spend time with her husband and children.

"Okay, ma'am. I'll make the arrangements right away. We can leave tomorrow, first thing in the morning,"

Carol said, beaming with excitement.

She was also missing her family and was happy to go home.

"Do it right away. I can't wait to go back home."

Carla swayed her glass and stared into the distance, lost in thought.

She needed to go back to her safe haven. She couldn't wait to sink into Terence's arms and inhale his scent, which made her forget all her problems.


The next day.

After bidding goodbye to Arthur, Carla and Carol set off for JA City.

Carla wanted to surprise Terence and therefore, did not inform him or his bodyguards of her arrival.

As soon as Carla reached JA City, she couldn't contain the excitement that was bubbling up in her stomach. She went straight to AJ Building.

However, to Carla's disappointment, Terence was not there. Terence's secretary informed her that he had gone to the southern suburb of JA City to inspect a new project.

Carla went straight to the location to see her husband.

"Ma'am! You are back!"

Rainer's eyes widened with shock when he saw Carla. He shifted his gaze to look at Carla and smiled. "Carol, Mrs. An, when did you come back?"

"Just a while ago. Where is Terence?"

Carla asked eagerly.

over her. "Do you still want me?" she asked.

Terence slammed the brake. The car jerked roughly before coming to an angry halt.

"Carla, what the hell are you talking about?"

Terence asked, pinching her cheek.

"Carla, look at me. I know everything about what had happened the other night.

I know that you have cut all ties with Steven. I even know where he is and who he is with. It is human to miss someone who was with you and had taken care of you all this while."

Carla finally lifted her head and looked at him.

Terence had chosen to remain silent even after he found out about what had happened between Carla and Steven

He knew why Steven had given up the idea of pursuing Carla. He was also aware of the times Carla had rejected Steven and hurt him. She was in love with Terence and could not imagine another man in her life.

If it were another woman, she would have abandoned him and married another man to pursue her dreams. But Carla was different.

Carla was in a dilemma. It was not easy for her to do this.

Tears welled in her eyes. She held him tightly. "Terence, I feel guilty. I hate myself..."

Terence placed his finger under her chin and lifted her face.

"Carla, Tell me the truth! Have you fallen in love with him?" he asked, staring into her eyes.

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