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   Chapter 956 Five Years

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It seemed like an endless road filled with loneliness. He needed to think his decision over.

Steven looked at his hands that were subconsciously balled into fists. His knuckles had almost turned white.

"Sir Arthur, I think you know what my heart yearns for. I'm worried about what might happen if she doesn't agree. If I follow my heart, and do things my way, will she think that I'm forcing her to choose?"

All Steven wanted was a clear response from her.

Even an empty promise would give him abundant strength.

Arthur nodded and poured a cup of tea for Steven.

Steven picked up the cup and took a sip of his tea.

Arthur observed Steven carefully.

"Steven, what if she resents you instead of being grateful for what you are going to do? Have you ever thought about that?"

An involuntary smile crept on Steven's lips. "It would not be new to me. She always gets upset at me for everything. She has even said that she doesn't want to see my face for the rest of her life. I've reached the pinnacle of pain. I don't think anything can hurt me anymore.''

Arthur was impressed by Steven's relentless love and care for Carla.

Steven was patient and understanding even when Carla was rude to him. He wondered if Victor was right. Was he crazy about Carla irrespective of her decisions?

"Steven, don't lose hope. People change. Even if she doesn't love you back, I'm sure, she will feel and acknowledge your love if you continue to express it.''

Arthur took a sip of tea and sighed loudly. ''God is cruel. He loves to play with people's feelings. Just when we meet the love of our lives, he will snatch them away, making our heart crave for them. He never gives us what we want.

You have a chance now, Steven. But I cannot promise anything. Women's hearts are unfathomable, you'll never know what they are thinking.''

Steven nodded. "I understand. I wish you could give me five years.''

Steven was clinging on to his last bit of hope. He believed that time could change his future.

He did not know whether he should wait for her or move on. Five years was a long time and anything could happen within that period.

He decided to take his time to introspect about his future with Carla.

"Okay, Steven, take your time. But I want you to make the right decision. We all deserve a second chance and I don't want you to decide in haste.''

Arthur placed the teacup on the table and took out something from his pocket. ''I will give you permission to live here for the time being. You are free to travel anywhere in Yu


Arthur almost choked at her words. He cleared his throat and glanced at the secret door. "Well, your grandma's second husband had come to chat with me but he has already left.''

"Oh, I see. Grandpa, can you somehow help me meet Grandma? I really need to see her and ask her to lift the ban on me and my mother.''

Carla pleaded. She would go to any extent to bring her mother back to Yu Village.

Arthur closed his eyes and sighed. "Callie, I don't think you understand your grandmother's anger. She can hold a grudge for several years and it takes a lot of time for her to forgive people. Your mother and grandmother have been on bad terms for a very long time. She is not one to give in nor admit defeat. Give her some time and she will warm up to you.''

"What? But what do we do? We can't keep hiding in the shadows forever.''

Carla poured hot tea into a clean cup and took a sip of it.

"Why don't you take me to her and I'll fall on her feet and beg for mercy until she accepts us.''

Arthur laughed and patted her head affectionately. "Silly girl, nothing can melt her heart of stone. You have to think of another way.

Now that you are here, stay here for the night. I'll try my best to arrange a meeting with your grandmother tomorrow. Does that sound good to you?''

"Yes. Thank you Grandpa," Carla nodded.

She was left with no other choice.

But Carla had to think of the perfect plan to win her grandmother's heart.

Suddenly, the sound of some movement coming from Carla's right side, caught her attention. She stood up and stared at it with curiosity.

"Grandpa, do you have a cat in your room?"

she asked and walked towards the door to the secret room.

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