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   Chapter 913 Bitten By A Wolf

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10024

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Lucia's kiss was aggressive as she possessively claimed him. She let out a growl while rummaging Steven's mouth with hers.

The rough, animalistic kiss seemed like she was declaring him as her guy. No one could lay a finger on him. He was her man, no one could take him away from Lucia.

Steven frowned and scrunched his nose up in distaste. He wanted to push her away but failed miserably. He did not want her to deepen the kiss but Lucia was not willing to let go of him.

She wanted more. She ripped off his clothes and shoved him on the chair next to her as if she wanted to have sex with him right away, right there, in front of everyone.

"Wow, aren't you shameless, Lucia? How dare you force a man to sleep with you when he's clearly not interested? You are too desperate, aren't you? Is there no other man in Yu Sea City?" Carla asked, glaring at Lucia with disgust.

"Oh, it would sound better if I put it this way: No man is interested in you, that's why you've got to force yourself to get into a man's pants. It's such a pity."

Carla sneered at Lucia disdainfully.

Lucia's eyes snapped at Carla as she let go of Steven and stood up to face her. Carla's words had provoked her. "Nobody likes me? You've got to be fucking kidding me!" Lucia growled as a crooked grin stretched on her lips. "Men are waiting in line to get married to me.

You say that I'm forcing him. It's hilarious! Do I even need to force him?"

Lucia turned around to look at Steven with her lustful eyes. She stretched her fingers and intertwined with his.

"Steven, come over here and kiss me already!" Lucia held fistfuls of Steven's hair and snarled hungrily.

Carla almost choked at Lucia's words. The mere sight of her made her sick in the stomach. She had never seen anyone as needy and shameless as Lucia was.

She felt ashamed to admit that this woman was her cousin.

Carla had not paid much attention to her mother when she told about her relatives before. Now, she could see what kind of people they were. Lucia was the oldest daughter of her mother's younger sister, and Carla had nothing but anger and hatred for her.

"Come here! If you want me to let her go, you've got to do what I say! I'll listen to you if you listen to me."

Lucia pulled her dress up and placed her leg on the chair. She waved a finger, motioning Steven to come over.

Steven glanced at Carla, closed his eyes and blew a loud breath before walking towards Lucia.

"Stop right there, Steven!"

Carla bellowed. She did not want him to sacrifice his dignity just to set her free.

"You don't have to do this. I have made up my mind. I'm staying here in Yu Sea City. I can manage to live anywhere in the world," Carla said and was shaking with rage.

But Steven continued to walk towards Lucia without looking back at her. He stepped forward and wrapped his arm around Lucia's waist. "I'm glad that Lucia is interested in me."

"Steven!" Carla shouted again, trying to stop him from

had for him.

"You are not as strong as Lucia is. You will fail even if you summon all your strength. I think the only way to save Mr. Su is by bringing your mother back.

You will stand a chance if Andrea returns. She is the eldest daughter of the Yu family and even Lucia's mother is left with no choice but to respect her."

Carla listened to her intently. Carrie was right, she would fail miserably if she got into a fight with Lucia.

A smile graced Carrie's lips. "Only then can you officially take Steven from Lucia. Considering your status, it would be no big deal for you to get married to him.''

Carrie thought that Carla was in love with Steven. She didn't see any other reason for Carla to go out of her way to save him.

They made a beautiful couple.

Carla almost choked on her tea.

She cleared her throat and shook her head fiercely. "Don't get me wrong, Auntie Carrie. I have a husband. Steven is just a friend!"

"So what? You belong to Yu Sea City. You can marry how many ever men you want. Although girls don't get married to as many people as before, it's no harm to have two or three husbands, you know? Look at me. I have two husbands and in fact, they get along very well. I have already given birth to six children and we continue to be a happy family,"

Carrie said, puffing her chest proudly.

"Carrie, I'm fine with just one. My husband is too possessive. He will eat me alive if he thinks I'm interested in another man."

The mere thought of it made Carla tremble. Although Terence was a loving husband, he had a mad temper.

Perhaps it was the culture and tradition of the Yu Sea City that had driven Andrea away.

"Look at you! You are such a coward. The women of Yu Sea City are never afraid of men. You've got to strip them of everything and kick them out until they learn their lesson.

I know some of the best ways to have men under your control. I can teach you some of them, if you like," Carrie said, pounding on the table.

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