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   Chapter 911 Blood Painting

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Carla grabbed his arm and looked at him worriedly. "Steven, we can find another way.

It's all my fault. I didn't know about it before. If it is really important to you, then don't ... "

Carla trailed off. She thought that Steven did not like being forced by others.

"Do you think I still have the luxury to say no?"

Steven smiled without a trace of fear. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be very relaxed.

He sat in front of the easel and began to draw. Just then, a deafening sound reverberated in the attic across the street.

"Who is she? Find out who she is!"

Lucia was watching everything that was happening in the opposite building.

She had tried to force him several times to draw her a picture but he had refused despite all her threats. Who was this woman? She seemed to have cast a spell that made him heed her request instantly. This was unacceptable for Lucia.

"Yes, Miss Lucia. Pamela says that the woman is the daughter of Carrie's friend, but she doesn't know anything more than that,"

said Carlota.

"Really? Carrie's friend?" Lucia asked in shock as she raked her eyes across Carla's face, trying to guess her identity.

"Umm ... She doesn't look like a native of Yu Sea City. It looks like she knows Steven. Probably ..."

Lucia's eyes suddenly widened with shock as she banged the table, making it rattle by the force of it. "No wonder he refused to paint for me. I never expected that his heart would belong to someone else."

Rage rose from the bottom of Lucia's stomach when she saw Steven look at Carla with tender eyes.

"Send someone to keep an eye on them. Is he in love with that woman? I will deal with her later. I want to find out what's so great about her that she has captivated Steven's heart."

Lucia glared at Carla with murderous eyes.

"But, my lady, our leaders are already dissatisfied with us for arresting him. Don't you think taking Carla away might cause unrest among them?" Carlota asked worriedly.

Steven's arrest had become a hot topic in Yu Sea City. Although Lucia had managed to keep him here, it had caused speculations and disapproval among the people.

"You just do what I say. I'll deal with the consequences!"

Lucia said, taking a sip of tea, without taking her eyes off Carla.


must be going through and decided not to probe further. "We'll do something to get away from Yu Sea City. They won't be able to do anything to you once you leave this place.

Lucia's power is only limited to Yu Sea City. We don't have to care about her once we get out of here."

"Carla, thank you." Steven smiled gratefully.

He knew that it had only been two months since Carla had given birth to her child. She had come all the way here just to rescue him.

"Does Mr. An know that you are here?"

Steven narrowed his eyes that were glinting with worry. He did not want to be the reason for their misunderstanding.

"You worry too much. He has sent me here to save you." Carla smiled reassuringly.

Terence was an understanding husband who would never restrain Carla.

"Really? That's very kind of him. I owe a lot to you and Mr. An."

Steven's heart swelled with happiness.

"You don't have to thank me. What are friends for?" Carla shrugged casually. "Oh, by the way don't think too much about the painting, okay. I think it was an accident."

Carla was married and did not want to sow unnecessary desire in Steven's heart.

A frown lined on Steven's forehead as he smiled bitterly. "Yeah, I understand," he said, swallowing loudly. 'Didn't the painting reveal my feelings for you?'

He thought.

Carla was irreplaceable and would always occupy a permanent position in Steven's heart. She could be a married woman with 2 kids but nothing would stop him from loving her. Love had no boundaries.

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