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   Chapter 910 A Portrait For Love.

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10195

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After reaching Yu Sea City, it wasn't so hard to find Pamela.

All it took was a little inquiry and looking around the crowd. Carla followed the crowd and reached a place where a lot of people had gathered.

"Mrs. A… Be careful, Carla!"

Carol cried out anxiously. And right after that, she realized that it was quite abrupt for her to address Carla in this way in Yu Sea City. Hence she immediately changed it.

The streets in Yu Sea City were prosperous. Whether it was day or night, they were always bustling and teeming with life.

Carla tried to squeeze into the crowd so that she could get closer to the center and find out the reason behind the gathering of a lot of women in that part of the street. All of a sudden, someone from behind covered Carol's eyes.

"What are you doing, Nathan?" Carol exclaimed.

"You don't want to look at that. Trust me,"

Nathan said while pushing away Carol's hand which was trying to get his hand off her face.

"What are you talking about?" Carol said, trying harder to get rid of Nathan's hand that was completely blocking her vision.

"Are you going to cover your own eyes if you were going to save someone?" She asked.

"For me it's different. Mr. An is not here and I can't do this to him. But you… I'm doing this for your own good," Nathan smirked.

Carla had her eyes fixed at what she saw in front.

With a mix of pain and disbelief in her eyes, Carla kept staring at the man who was locked up in the cage. Her eyes welled up to find Steven in that state. She was in utter disbelief and wondered what had happened to him.

Steven was stark naked. He was leaning against the cage, quiet and lifeless. It seemed that he was not affected by the crowd around the cage who were laughing at and making fun of him.

"Get out of the way."

Carla cried as she tried to push the people who were blocking her way. But just as she was about to get to the front of the cage, she was stopped by Carol.

"Ma'am, wait! Remember what Mr. An told us? Don't rush. Steven does not mind these people laughing at him because they are strangers. But I believe that the last person he wants to see when he is in this condition is you. If he finds out that you have seen him in this state, it will hurt his dignity."

Carol had been Carla's assistant for quite a while now, and she was aware of how much Steven loved Carla.

"How about this? We first go inside and talk to Pamela. Let's see if we can do something so he can put his clothes back on before we see him. What do you think?"

Carol's rational approach to the situation just reinforced the old proverb – 'The bystander is always clear-minded.'

Hearing Carol's suggestion, Carla calmed down a little. Slowly, she turned around from the cage and walked towards the wide building in front of them.

Just then...

Carrie had already entered the building. She had her hands folded to her chest as she begged in front of Pamela to release Steven, "Pamela, she is my best friend's daughter and the man inside the c

ed downstairs and walked over to the cage. But as she walked closer, she couldn't help but frown and turn to Pamela, asking, "Can you let him out, first? Painting needs the mind to be relaxed and peaceful. How can you expect an artist to bring out his creativity in such an environment?"

"Why are you here?"

Steven said in a feeble voice, looking at her with mixed feelings.

Carla turned around and squatted down. She looked at Steven and said, "Don't think too much. Cindy and Brian asked me to come and help you. If you return safe and sound, do go visit them and thank them, especially Cindy."

"And here you are."

Steven looked at Carla and finally, his face broke into a smile.

At this moment, someone came over and opened the cage.

"Can you draw now?"

Pamela cast an angry glance at both Carla and Steven and said, "Stop the chitchat now. Once he finishes the painting, you two will have plenty of time to talk about anything. Let's get started now, okay?"

Seeing that Pamela urged them to go out, Steven walked out and said to Carla, "Carla?"

"What's wrong? Is it so difficult for you to draw a picture for me?"

Carla raised her eyebrows and looked at him in surprise. She took a step forward and whispered, "I've put in a lot of effort to make Pamela agree to this. I won't say anything even if you draw my portrait like a wild cat. At least in this way, I can help you figure out a way to get out of this mess,"

As she spoke, she dragged his sleeve.

Steven looked at Carla with hope. Then he continued in a low voice, "I have sworn to myself long ago that I would only paint the portrait of one woman for the rest of my life."

'Who is he talking about? This woman must be the love of his life.'

At the very thought, Carla's heart jolted when she heard his words.

His indication was so obvious.

No wonder Steven wouldn't draw a portrait for anyone else.

'So, is that the reason?' Carla thought to herself.

Then Steven looked at Pamela and said, "Okay, I will do it!"

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