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   Chapter 907 How Could I Bear To Leave You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 9286

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Carla had promised to take Adonis back to JA City today.

And it was about time for them to leave. The plane Terence had arranged for them had arrived.

"Callie, remember what I told you. Don't work yourself so hard…"

Andrea said, patting Carla on the back of her hand. She understood that Carla would keep feeling guilty until she could go and do something to help Steven. Andrea knew that she couldn't stop her from going. Yet, it was her duty to caution her to take care of herself.

"Carol, you must keep an eye on Carla, do you understand? Make sure to be with her all the time. Okay?"

Andrea reminded Carol.

"Don't worry. I am here to take good care of Mrs. An. I promise to bring her back, safe and sound!"

Carol said with a smile. She had volunteered to extend her contract with Carla to another three years.


"Well, Mom, I know. I swear that I won't push myself too hard, okay?"

Carla embraced Andrea and patted on her shoulder. It was natural for Andrea to be concerned about Carla, who was a nursing mother. Carla assured Andrea with a smile, "Mom, I know what you are thinking. I will always be a child in your eyes and you will always be worried about me.

But please believe that your daughter is not as fragile as you think.

Think of all that your daughter has already gone through.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?"

A satisfied smile appeared on Andrea's face and she patted on Carla's back before letting go of her. "You're right. I know, my Callie is blessed by God. But you have to promise me that your priority is safety when you leave today."

The very idea of Carla leaving for Yu Sea City alone could not leave Andrea at peace. After all, everything seemed to be pre-destined and everything seemed to be coming around, almost to the point where it all started. A mother's heart was hard to be assured of her child's safety.

Especially, the very mention of Yu Sea City made Andrea's heart tremble with fear. It was the same city where Carla had gone missing after she was born. And now she was going back to that same place.

"Mom, I know,"

Carla said as she looked at Andrea's worried eyes. Then she turned around and took Adonis from the servant who was holding him.

While Carla and Andrea were busy talking, Carol had finished packing their luggage and loading them in the car.

When it was time to go, Andrea saw Carla and Adonis off in person, waving to them as the car rounded the bend on its way to JA City.

Later in the day, Carla arrived at the Seaview Villa with Adonis. As soon as she stepped out of the car, the first thing that came to mind was Terence's whereabouts. Just as she picked up her phone to call him, she heard Carol's voice from outside.

ned voice, his bright eyes staring at her.

Keeping her gaze fixed into Terence's eyes, Carla said, "I promise. JA City is my home. I have you, Sally and Adonis. I have my entire family over here. I promise I won't go anywhere!"

Terence nodded and held her closer in his arms.

The next day

She produce as much breast milk as she could and stored it in the fridge. The only thing that bothered her was that she didn't know when she would come back. Thinking of this, she suddenly felt reluctant to leave.

Her heart became heavier as the time of departure came closer. She didn't want to leave Adonis, Sally, and Terence.

"Ma'am, the boat is ready,"

Carol reminded Carla, ready to go.

Carla gazed her sleeping son and kissed him on the cheek. Then she walked over to hug Sally and kissed her. "Honey, I will take you to the countryside when I come back. Didn't you always want to have some roasted fish?"

After all, Sally was a little older and hence more sensible. Although she didn't want Carla to leave, she didn't cry.

"Okay, Mommy. But aren't you going to visit grandma? Next time, please take Adonis and me with you, okay?"

Carla looked at her daughter with tears in her eyes and rubbed her little pink face. "Of course!"

Then she turned around and immediately went the dock where the boat was waiting.

As the boat went on its way, with Carla and her team on board, , she saw the Seaview Villa getting smaller as the boat sped farther and farther away, Carla took a deep breath. She found that this feeling of being away from home was really not a good one.

Slowly, she turned around and went back to the cabin.

As Carla entered the cabin and raised her head, she saw a handsome man standing there.

Finding him there, Carla's face changed instantly.

She ran towards him with a radiant smile!

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