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   Chapter 904 King of Yu Sea City

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6403

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Steven walked out the house. His eyes went straight to the rooftop. There were white and blue fringes hanging over the roof.

Further up, there were a few geese streaking through the clear blue sky.

Before he came here, he thought it was a good place for him to stay. But after everything that happened, maybe it wasn't as good of a place as he thought it would be. Instead his dream place, it quickly turned into his personal nightmare.

No wonder strangers found it difficult to fit in.

Men who were most likely trapped here, lost their dignity.

"Go ahead. Ms. Lucia is waiting for you."

A maid led him away and stopped in front of a house.

Steven paused at the closed door, contemplating at it for a long time.

Then, he opened the door and walked in slowly.

As soon as he entered, the door was immediately shut from the outside.

Steven looked at the closed door. Something did not feel right about this whole situation. He looked around and found that there were two parts to the room: an outer and an inner room.

"Come in. I'm inside."

Lucia's voice floated to where he was standing.

Steven observed the furnishings that adorned the outer room. A purple and gold long whip hung on the wall. Even though it was just a harmless weapon, it represented the tyranny of its owner.

"What's taking you so long?"

Lucia asked, annoyed.

Steven moved as if his shoes were filled with lead.

Ahead of him, there was an exquisitely engraved curtain. He furrowed his sharp eyebrows. This was obviously Lucia's bedroom.

"Miss Yu, what do you want me to draw?"

He made it to her door but didn't take another step.

"What do you usually draw? I'd prefer you draw me, of course."

As she spoke, Lucia parted the bed curtain loudly and showed her graceful figure.

"You're good at drawing. I'm sure you can draw anything. Please do sit down and start. If I'm satisfied with you

uld do to him, anything she wanted. She could ruin him and his reputation. She just needed to say the word. .

"Let me be, please."

Steven said coldly. He kept walking towards the door.


Lucia's eyes widened. How dare he ignore her?

She clenched her fists and thought, 'Fine, if I don't give him a hard time, he'll consider me a weak opponent!'


In HA City...

Back in the Hua family house...

Carla stayed in the Hua family for a couple more days. Every day, she tried to talk Andrea into persuading her to go back to Yu Sea City.

But every time, Andrea would ask her to wait and wouldn't talk to her anymore.

"Mrs. An, someone has come and is looking for you."

A servant informed Carla who was on the sofa with her son in her arms.

"Who is it?"

Carla asked, handing her son over to Carol.

"She said her surname is Chen and she has something important to tell you." The servant reported.

When Carla went downstairs, she didn't see anyone in the living room. From a distance, she saw a strange woman standing in the yard, her back to the window.

"… Hello, may I help you?"

Carla asked as she walked out of the house and closer to the strange lady.

The woman turned around and asked, "Mrs. An, do you remember me?"

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