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   Chapter 901 Steven Was Kidnapped by a Girl

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Terence had put in a lot of effort to find Cindy. Although the main goal to keep Steven away from Carla still remained, one of the other goals was to also help Brian forget about Steven.

With the way things were unfolding, it seemed like these goals have almost been fulfilled.

Now they wondered whether Cindy and Steven were actually together.

"Didn't we make a WeChat group while we were on Lover Island? They were just the topic of our group chat a few days ago."

Debra shared as she ate her ice cream, "I heard that Cindy made quite an effort to be with Steven. Not only did Cindy try to learn how to paint seriously, but she also suffered the pains of undergoing an artificial limb surgery. She wanted to be a good match for Steven.

Poor Cindy. I feel sorry for her."

Hearing what Debra said, Carla put her juice down and said, "So, you are saying that Steven doesn't even like Cindy?"

"I think so. People think Steven is way out of her league." Debra shook her head and continued, "Out of the fifty men in Lover Island, Steven was the most popular yet the most aloof.

My dear Brian is only the second most popular."

Carla bristled at Debra's statement. Steven was her friend so she tried to stand up for him. "Don't say that. Maybe Steven just hasn't met someone he really loves."

"Really? I think Cindy made a mistake this time. She really fell hard for this cold man."

It seemed like Debra had a solid opinion against Steven. "In my opinion, Steven is like the sun. His brightness makes people feel warm towards him. But actually, the closer people get to him, the more people find out that they can't get close to him after all."

At Debra's realization, Carla hesitated before she followed up with a smile, "Why did you think of him all of a sudden?"

"Oh, believe me, I didn't want to. But I heard that he went to the YH Tribe on business the other day. They said he was being held by the eldest granddaughter of a local matriarch. He couldn't leave."

"Ahem— What did you just say?"

Carla choked at this.

Despite her celebrity status, Debra was still an ordinary woman. There were some things that still sparked her interest like a normal civilian.

"Have you heard of Yu Sea City? You can check it online. Rumor has it that many women in that place have two or three husband

up the phone abruptly. He squinted at the door.

"Ma'am, you're here."

He heard the doorkeeper's voice from the closed door.

A woman wearing a black and golden cap appeared behind the door.

"My handsome boy, have you made up your mind yet?"

The woman said affectionately as she walked closer to Steven.

Steven frowned. "Miss, haven't you had enough? Can you please let me go now?"

"Enough? What are you talking about?"

The woman laughed out loudly at Steven's request.

"Please ma'am. Don't forget that a modern set of laws is in place to protect citizens. Detaining me illegally like this is a gross violation of the law. If you don't want to make it worse, you'd better let me go as soon as possible."

Steven was sitting on the carpet with one hand curled over his knees.

He didn't expect this.

What Brian said before had become a reality.

"Oh, really? Did I break a law? Don't forget this is Yu Sea City. This is just the way things are here. If a woman meets a boy she likes, she can bring him home first. Any girl from a local family can do this. Especially me, the granddaughter of the matriarch."

The woman said as she played with the fringes on her black and golden hat. Her eyes, malicious and obsessive, was intent on Steven's handsome face.

"Even if your father the mayor comes here to intercede for you, it's useless. After all... My grandmother is the matriarch of this city. If I want, any man will have to be my man!"

To punctuate her declaration, she bent over and kissed him on the cheek.

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