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   Chapter 900 Watch Your Mouth

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8598

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"See? I told you this gossip didn't just come out of nowhere."

A lady in black dress whispered to Mrs. Zheng.

Mrs. Zheng spared her a glance before she walked closer to the baby. She wanted to see if there was any resemblance between this child and Terence as many had claimed.

Unfortunately, there were too many people surrounding Carla. The only thing that she could see from a distance were the clothes of the baby.

"How could you tell? He's just a one-month-old baby. How could he already look like someone? These people are not telling the truth because they are afraid of the An family."

"It's hard to say who the father is!"

Mrs. Zheng murmured, taking a glance at the baby.

Just then, Violet heard what Mrs. Zheng said.

Violet decided to come around this time, thinking the crowd would be less. But she didn't expect to hear such malicious insinuations just as she arrived.

"Hey, don't push me. Didn't you see there are so many people in front?"

Mad, Mrs. Zheng yelled at Violet who accidentally jostled the older woman as she tried to squeeze into the crowd, "Shame on you! Do you think you are buying food in an open market? Look at where you're going!"

"I'm so sorry. I didn't see you just now, Auntie. Are you all right?"

Violet suddenly raised her voice so people around them could hear her less-than-enthusiastic attempt at an apology.

"Auntie?! Look at me, young lady! Do I look like an auntie to you? Look carefully and think before you call someone else old!"

Mrs. Zheng berated Violet, smoothing her hair and adjusting her clothes after her outburst.

"Oh, there is indeed something wrong with my eyes. I didn't look carefully. I'm really sorry, old lady..."

Violet's tone of mocked sincerity and her smile was a touch too fake to actually look guilty.

"… Are you really calling me an old lady? Look at me! Do I look like I'm that old?" Mrs. Zheng was boiling with rage. Her son was just twelve years old! How on earth could she be an old lady?!

"No, it wasn't a mistake. The wrinkles on your face could scare anyone. And look at your dress. My grandma wears more fashionable clothes than you do."

Violet said, pretending to be confused.

"You're so rude! Who do you think you are? Are you here to insult me on purpose?"

Mrs. Zheng narrowed her eyes at Violet and inspected her from head to toe. She didn't recognize who Violet was. How dare this upstart, young lady be so rude?

"She's my wife."

A voice cut in. Just then, William came to stand beside Violet. "This is my wife, Mrs. Zheng. Plea

n't help but laugh. She had only seen the set lights on TV before. This was the first time she saw them in actual use. Everything around her was so surreal. She didn't expect the vast difference between what she saw on TV and the acting on set.

In the tea house, Carol took off the outer layer of her clothes to cool off. Debra ordered ice cream for herself.

"I didn't know there were lots of uncomfortable things involved when you're acting. Are you free after your shoot? How about you come to my house for a brief spell?"

Carla said with a smile, declining the desserts Debra offered her.

She was breastfeeding the baby so she couldn't eat anything too cold.

"Well, Brian will pick me up to see a movie later. Why don't you come and watch with us?" Debra suggested.

"Forget it. I don't want to be a third wheel." Carla smiled at her as she said this. "But it seems like things are doing great between you two, right?"

Debra touched her hair and thought for a while. "I think so. He didn't say it out loud, but our relationship is indeed in a much better place than before."

"By the way, Carla, do you remember there was another couple when we went to the Lover Island? What were their names? Oh, Steven and... The girl, oh, I forgot her name."

"Cindy Chen? Carla remembered.

"Yes! That's right. It's Cindy!" It wasn't until then that the name came to her mind. It was too common for her to remember.

She remembered Steven because he stood out. He was handsome and had a good temper. He was also good at painting.

"What about them? Did you hear anything about them?"

Carla took a sip of her juice and asked.

It had been a long time. She had no idea how the two were doing.

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