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   Chapter 898 The Baby's First Month Party

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The second day

It had been rainy since the beginning of the month. But fortunately, the sun greeted them today with its warmth and bright rays.

Sophie said it was a good omen. She said the newborn baby was blessed by God. He couldn't bear to see the first month party held in such bleak and dreary mood.

They held the party at Seaview Villa.

It was all smiles and laughter at the villa today.

Sophie and the other servants were busy. Even Nathan and Rainer were busy with their own tasks while Carol was in charge of everything on the second floor.

"Hey, is the chicken soup ready?"

Sophie peered at her watch. It was time for Carla to have dinner.

"In a minute!" One of the servants answered from the kitchen.

"Hurry up. Mrs. An needs to have her meal on time!"

Sophie urged the servant. During her confinement period, Carla was advised to have small meals but eat frequently throughout the day. This was the reason why all the servants coordinated to have her meals served on time.

Terence had also made sure that they understood that Carla was recuperating. The confinement period should last for at least one hundred days.

In the meantime, Edmund and Kaylee welcomed every guest, grinning from ear to ear.

Inside, an assistant was responsible for collecting gifts.

Guests were directed to the third and top floors to participate in the banquet that the family had prepared. The second floor was kept quiet and peaceful, as it was where Carla rested.

There were security personnel on each floor that made sure everything was in order.

Apart from relatives, some friends were also invited by the family. There were some VIPs who wanted to be invited and get a glimpse of the famous family, so security was really tightened. Everyone had to be cleared, had their identities checked before they could enter the villa.

Even though the house was practically teeming with guests, the second floor remained calm and quiet. They didn't want to disturb Carla and the baby.

Later in the day, someone would pick the children from Carla and go to see the guests.

"Ma'am, the chicken soup is ready. Please eat it while it is warm."

Carol served a bowl of steaming soup to Carla.

"Thank you, Carol. Where is Terence?"

Carla looked at the kid who was still sleeping and walked to the table.

"Mr. An is downstairs. Do you want me to call

on someone else's private conversation.

He listened intently.

The voice coming from outside was not loud, but it was enough for Terence and Theo to hear.

"Mrs. Zheng, where did you hear this? This is insane!"

A woman in a black designer dress sat on a chair. She asked the lady sitting opposite her in disbelief.

Mrs. Zheng crossed her legs, took out a cosmetic case and started to refine her make-up. "Where there's smoke, there's fire. In fact, there are a lot of dark secrets in rich families.

A few days ago, I heard that the daughter-in-law of Director Wang of Z Company gave birth to two sons, but none of them was from her husband. It is said that his daughter-in-law kept a boy toy on the side.

Mr. Wang didn't believe it at first, of course. But after he got the DNA test results, he was so angry that he passed out and was sent to the hospital."

The woman in black dress gasped in disbelief. "Is that true? Why didn't I hear anything about that?"

"Well, nobody airs out their dirty laundry in public. I would be surprised if you heard about it," Mrs. Zheng said.

Terence, who heard everything the ladies were talking about, glared at Theo.

"This is what you want me to hear?"

At that, he turned around and was about to leave when was stopped by Theo. Theo scratched his head and said, "I heard they were talking about you just now. If you wait a little longer, they will certainly talk about you again."

But Terence had already lost his patience. He shook off Theo's hand, ready to leave.

But then, he heard the woman begin talking again.

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