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   Chapter 897 He's Lucky

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"Yes, I admit it. I'm jealous. I used to sleep with you every night, and now you are holding and sleeping with him not just at night, but all day too! How can I not be jealous?"

Terence answered honestly.

As soon as she heard what he said, Carla smiled. "But he is your son. Most people like their sons more. It doesn't seem like that with you at all. I wonder why that is."

"Don't I?" Terence raised his eyebrows and said almost daringly.

How could he not feel jealous his own son? The little man already had a team of nannies, maids and not to mention Carla to serve him every day and night.

There was nothing more he could do for him.

"Really? Well, here's your chance to prove it then. Help me give Adonis a bath. You haven't tried giving a baby a bath before, haven't you? Don't you want to give it a try?"

Carla asked him with a beguiling smile.

Terence smiled wickedly. "Of course I do. Do you want me to help give you a bath as well?"

"Stop flirting. Go ahead and help our son."

Rolling her eyes, Carla pushed her husband to go and get ready.

Terence took off his coat and rolled up his sleeves. After he adjusted the water temperature and dried his hands, he went to pick up Adonis from the crib.

It was his first time to help his son take a bath. Worried, Carla followed behind and tested the water temperature he had just adjusted.

And sure enough, it was just the right temperature. She had to hand it over to her husband. That was a great first step.

It seemed that he still remembered what he had learned in class.

Terence glanced at Carla, who seemed to be worried about his skills. Then, he put the naked baby in the small tub, one big hand positioned carefully behind his son's tiny head.

The way Terence held his baby might not be perfect, but he had previous experience and knowledge on how to give a bath to a baby.

After Terence had successfully given baby Adonis a bath, Carla helped him prepare the baby's clothes.

While his wife was preparing the baby's clothes, Terence looked at the fussing baby in his arms.

Unconsciously, he gazed at him. A soft smile formed on his lips.

At once, he placed him on the cot and started to put the baby clothes on Adonis.

Sally bent over the crib a little more.

Looking at her children, Carla suddenly remembered the past years with Sean as he was growing up.

When her parents had Sean, she was also very happy and excited. She finally had no reason to envy others for having siblings.

That evening...

Terence was finally able to take Carla to the master bedroom.

"Don't forget that you are still in confinement. You shouldn't tire yourself out too much."

Lying in his arms, Carla said, "I know. I still haven't left the house. And it isn't too cold outside. It would be okay for me to wander around, but maybe not too far from the house."

She seldom worked and often had nannies to take care of the baby. She didn't have to do anything for the baby except feed him.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?"

Carla asked.

The following day, they would be celebrating Adonis's first month. As the heir and grandson of the An family, the news that their baby was turning one month old was a momentous event. A lot of their family and friends would be visiting to celebrate with them.

"Yes. You don't need to do anything, just stay upstairs." Terence said as he put his arm around her shoulder. He hadn't held her for several days.

"If there are some special guests, I will inform you in advance and let them come upstairs instead.

Just get some sleep and don't worry about it."

Carla nodded before finding a comfortable position in his arms. She fell asleep feeling warm and content.

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